7 Tips For Dealing With Your Partner Staring At Other Women

If your partner stares at other women, that is not acceptable by anyone. You just don’t like this action and that is completely justified as no one wants or like this thing. No one should accept this either. There is a very good quote present out there which goes like this: To all men who have good women, always remember when you are busy at staring other women, there are always two other men looking at yours. So, instead of putting a glance on other women every then and now start appreciating what you have before it is too late.

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If you are not fortunate in this scenario of your life, here are 7 tips present for dealing with your partner staring at other women:

7. Be Honest And Vocal About It:

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If you find out the bitter fact that your man stares at other women, don’t hesitate or shun yourself away from everything. Speak up and say whatever is going in your mind and heart. Honesty is in any way the best policy. So, hold up your emotions and say what you are feeling There is no wrong in doing that. You have married that person and if you feel he is doing something wrong, speak up and let him know. MMaybeit will make him realize his mistake and your problem will be solved.

6. Never Show Your Insecurity:

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As humans, we all get insecure about the people we love or the relationships we possess. It is a very natural thing but at times and in some scenarios being insecure or showing that to your respective partner can be a bad option. Control yourself in some situations where you can not do anything. For example if you go on a party and your spouse or boyfriend keeps on staring other girls around then that is not the right time to show up what you feel. Have patience, no need to show the world what you are feeling like.

5. Exercise Your Right:

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In marriage both of the partners have equal rights on each other. That is the one of basic points of getting married. When you marry someone you are giving your everything to your partner and in return just demanding love, care and loyalty. A lot of people do get through a happy married life because they never forget these things. But some people have the tendency to forget this and they start craving attention from other people or start staring other people. If you have married a man like him, learn to exercise your right and letting them know the reason behind marrying you. Let him know whatever he is doing is not what you deserve and you will not tolerate any such thing in coming future.

4. Tell Him Its Disrespectful:

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Respect is an important factor in every relationship. And so is in marriage. If your husband is disrespecting you or your emotions in any way, speak up and do not let him take you for granted. If your man is staring at other woman that is not a good thing. If you are having a conversation about something and he is busy on his phone rather than paying attention to what you are saying, do not ignore this thing. Tell him that it is a disrespectful behavior towards you, your relationship and he should be careful about it and should stop staring other women.

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3. Use Your Fear As Your Strength:

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At times when you see your man flirting with other women or putting a glance on them you start fearing that it might be very unhealthy for your relationship. This is a very natural thing but you should not do that. Make your fear your biggest strength and learn to cope up with every situation. Many women have lost their identity during the course of making their house a home, they sacrifice a lot just for the sake of that. But when you find out your man is not doing any good to you, do not get fearful rather use it as your strength. And stand up as a fearless women and tell him to stop.

2. Allow Oneself To Radiate:

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You are your best enemy and your best friend. Never put yourself on second place just to make your partner feel good. You are a separate human being, you have all the rights to make yourself the best version of you. If you feel you are being ignored, never take it easy. At times being vocal is the best option but at times keeping to yourself, what you are feeling is the best option. In this situation get up and try to make yourself the best version of yourself. Work hard on yourself and make your man realize his mistake. When he will see you grooming yourself and looking the best, he will think to himself that what he is doing is not right. And in this way your tensions will vanish away.

1. No Point To Get Jealous:

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Jealousy is like a cancer for your mind and body. You marry someone because you love that person. But when some problems occur in your relationship, instead of getting jealous trust yourself. Trust your partner and tell them the concerns going on in your mind. You marry someone who will share the worries of life with not the one who will add up tensions in your life. When your man looks at other girls it is a very valid thing to get jealous. You feel bad and want that thing to end as soon as possible. But at times people do not realize their mistake and you have to let them know where they stand wrong. So, if your man stares at other women instead of getting jealous and stressing your heart and mind, talk about the issue and tell him that this thing is bothering you and it should not happen again.


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Hence, after going through the above-mentioned points you must have concluded or figure out what you should do or what you should not be doing at all. A happy marriage requires a lot of sacrifices but never sacrifice your right to be happy. Make a relationship which will give happiness to you both. If one person goes off track, make them realize they are doing wrong and ask them to leave that thing as it is or will destroy your relationship. Marriage is a beautiful thing when both the partners want to make it work. So, do your best and allow the other one to give their best. And if he fails in doing so, sit with him and tell your concerns. This way you both will live a happy and prosperous life.

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