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There is a saying which many of us have heard: “Love like in the movies.” But now and again, it is the best motivation for producers who are keen regarding the matter of love. Mind blowing romantic tales occur in a lot people’s lives. The sort of sentiments which no screenwriter would ever dream of. Also, once in a while, these encounters turn into the reason for awesome movies. Here are 7 movies who have stolen the hearts of many.

7. Eat Pray Love:

Image Credits: Columbia Pictures

The movie: Elizabeth, a successful author, all of a sudden understands that she is not carrying on with the life she needs. She chooses to drop everything and goes travelling around the globe in order to find herself. In Italy, she reveals in gastronomic abundances, however in India she tries to get back on the profound way. Lastly, in Bali, she meets her true love.

Image Credits: wday

In real life: The film is based on an autobiography composed by Elizabeth Gilbert. Composed in a highly intimate style. We learn that the affection amongst Elizabeth and Jose grew in exactly a similar way in real life as it did in the film. In any case, in the last scene of the motion picture, the two darlings choose never to get wedded, yet in reality, the couple is still wedded. One thing constrained them to do this in real life: Jose was confined at the fringe and expelled from the United States.

Image Credits: Elizabeth Gilbert

Now, Elizabeth and Jose live in New Jersey. They have their own shop, “Two Buttons,” where they sell souvenirs from Asia. Elizabeth still write books.

6. 50 First Dates:

Image Credits: Columbia Pictures Corporation

The film: The main characters are attractive blonde Lucy Whitmore and a womanizer named Henry Roth. The last was nourished up of meeting young ladies who effectively exhausted him on the second date. That is the reason he is pulled in to Lucy, with whom each date resembles their first. Actually she experiences amnesia because of a mishap, and overlooks everything that occurs amid her day by the following morning. Henry would not surrender, in any case, and he records the key snapshots of their life on tape for Lucy. So she begins each morning contemplating their story.

Image Credits: wday

In real life: Lucy’s model is American Michelle Philpotts, who experiences an uncommon type of amnesia: after a progression of mischances, time and memory halted for her, and for a long time she has lived in 1994. Her darling spouse demonstrates to her each morning that they are hitched by demonstrating her photographs from the family collection and notes recording the most essential occasions of their coexistence. The distinction contrasted with the motion picture is just in the way that, all things considered, the couple knew each other before the mishap, and her significant other doesn’t need to win over his better half consistently.

Image Credits: peoples

Michelle’s husband sticks little notes to the freezer for her account of vital occasions which have transpired since 1994. Consistently Michelle lives a similar piece of her life over and over.

5. Die Weisse Massai:

Image Credits: Constantin Film

The film: On her vacation in Kenya, an excellent lady, Carola, experiences passionate feelings for Lemaliana. She chooses to stop her sensible life in Europe and settle down with her life partner in the Kenyan wild. It is difficult for Carola to coexist with the locals, whose ethical quality appears to be in reverse to her. In time, Carola brings forth their first kid, yet even this occasion can not keep her at her better half’s side. Not long after she chooses to go home, depleted by his desire and wild method for living.

Image Credits: wday

In real life: The account of Corinne Hofmann, portrayed in the book of a similar name, turned into the reason for this film. Corinne met her Kenyan darling Lketinga Leparmoriyoin in 1986, amid an excursion to Kenya with her sweetheart. She parted ways with the last mentioned, sold her business in Switzerland, and wedded her new darling in 1988. She at that point encountered a considerable measure of issues: risky illnesses, as well as social contrasts with her significant other — Lketinga was an exceptionally desirous man and frequently implied that he questioned the father of their youngster. Corinne cherished her better half in particular, however following a couple of years of torment, she chose to backpedal to her local land.

Image Credits: morgenpost

4. Ai no korîda:

Image Credits: kulturologia

The film: This is a significant and stunning movie which educates us concerning how all-expending energy can come up short on control. It recounts the tale of a sentiment between a man hailing from the rich common and his worker surrendering eating and drinking and disregarding their families, they desert themselves to energy. In a wild look for new types of union and joy, the lady chokes her sweetheart before going frantic.

Image Credits: wday

In real life: As strange as it might appear, the movie delineates the points of interest of a genuine relationship precisely. At the season of its event, the hypnotizing story of Sada Abe caused incredible bombshell in Japan. In 1936 she carried out a loathsome wrongdoing against her darling just in light of the fact that she would not like to impart him to any other person. Their first date was said to have gone on for four days, amid which the couple never left their bed. Sada Abe was condemned to six years in jail for her activities.

Image Credits: inkfry

3. Moths:

Image Credits: FILM.UA Group

The film: This film delineates the sentiment between a schoolgirl, Alya, and an officer, Pavel, which created in the spring of 1986 amid the Chernobyl mischance. They begin to look all starry eyed at first sight, and conclude that they should be as one regardless of what destiny anticipates them. Be that as it may, Pavel gets a genuine dosage of radiation from taking a shot at the tidy up of the obliterated atomic power station. The young fellow flees from healing center to see his better half, and they spend throughout the day in a betrayed town alone, inebriated by their affections for each other. The film demonstrates to us how Alya and Pavel resembled two moths which flew towards each other, failing to acknowledge the peril surrounding them.

Image Credits: wday

In real life: The characters of Alya and Pavel are summed up from a few romantic tales that happened amid the Chernobyl catastrophe. The principle undertaking being referred to which this film depends on is the grievous story of firefighter Vasily Ignatenko and his significant other Ludmila. Vasily chipped away at the post-debacle tidy up operation and got a substantial dosage of radiation. His significant other took a chance with her life to care for her destined spouse until his final gasp, in spite of the way that specialists completely preclude her to be close to him.

Image Credits: spletnik

Wedding picture of Lyudmila and Vasily Ignatenko.

2. Winter Cherry:

Image Credits: wday

The film: An exceptionally astute lady rang Olga brings her child alone. She is no more unusual to love, however the issue is that she is hitched to another man, and can’t work up the bravery to break out of her present marriage. Attempting to figure out how to better arrange her life somehow, she compels herself to take up the offer of a rich man to run with him to begin another life in an alternate city. Her darling, Vadim, acknowledges what he has lost, and follows Olga. He takes her back to her previous lifestyle. Be that as it may, at that point nothing has changed. He is as yet unfit to step forward to enhance their coexistence.

Image Credits: kino-teatr

In real life: All things considered: screenwriter Vladimir Valutskiy and on-screen character Nadezhda Repina were models for Vadim and Olga. Their mystery undertaking had gone on for a long time. The two sweethearts met in Yalta, and at the time both were hitched. Repina separated her significant other, yet Valutskiy remained with his family. He guaranteed to get a separation when Nadezhda met a dashing Italian man who represented a genuine peril to their issue, however did not keep his statement.

Image Credits: kino-teatr

Vladimir, whose spouse was an acclaimed on-screen character, was basically portraying his own story in the content to the film. Nadezhda Repina is on the right.

1. The Vow:

Image Credits: Spyglass Entertainment

The film: Paige and Leo praise the fourth commemoration of their marriage. The couple winds up in an auto collision, and Paige slips into a state of extreme lethargy. Her arrival to awareness is damaged by a feeling of misfortune: she doesn’t perceive her better half and doesn’t recall their relationship. So Leo chooses to win Paige’s heart once more.

Image Credits: kinopoisk

In real life: A couple named Krickitt and Kim Carpenter filled in as the models for Paige and Leo. Amnesia caused by an auto collision deleted recollections of the most recent fifteen years of Krickitt’s life. This incorporated the time when they initially met and got hitched. Kim didn’t surrender and was by his darling’s side, notwithstanding when he didn’t feel the affection from her that he felt himself. In time, Krickitt experienced passionate feelings for by and by with her significant other. Afterward, Kim Carpenter composed a book called “The Vow”, which turned into the reason for the movie.

Image Credits: fantasiandocomoslivros

Krickitt and Kim are married with two children.

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Here Are 13 False Pregnancy Myths to Help All Mothers-to-Be

There are many myths and misconceptions attached to pregnancy. Here are some of the most commonly believed in myths and reasons why they are not true:

1. Wide Hips Can Make Childbirth Easier:

Image credits: Cory Doctorow/flickr

When people talk about wide hips in the context of childbirth they are usually referring to a wider ilium. However, the distance between the iliac crests and the size of the birth canal are totally unrelated. During childbirth, it is the hole in the middle of the pelvic bone that counts and it can be big or small irrelevant of the size of the hips.

2. The Size And Shape Of The Belly Can Tell Whether It’s A Boy Or A Girl:

Image credits: Shutterstock

Most people try to guess the gender of the baby by looking at the shape of a pregnant woman’s belly. Although it will make things quite easier if it were true but it is not. The size and shape of the belly are affected by the size of the fetus and its position in the womb.

3. Frequent Ultrasounds Are Unsafe For The Baby:

Image credits: Shutterstock

There is no scientific backing to the myth that getting an ultrasound could harm a mother or her unborn child. People often confuse ultrasound with radiation. Ultrasound is just high-frequency sound waves which produce an image on the screen after bouncing off of the fetus and are safe.

4. It’s Bad For The Baby To Lie On Your Stomach:

Image credits: Shutterstock

The baby is well protected inside the muscular uterus and lying on the stomach would not harm it, as long as it feels comfortable.

5. Running While Pregnant Is Bad:Image result for pregnant woman running shutterstock

Image credits: Shutterstock

Becoming pregnant does not mean you should give up running. As long as you have a safe pregnancy and your doctor gives you a go ahead, it is completely fine for you to continue running.

6. Morning Sickness Only Happens In The Morning And During The First Trimester:Image result for morning sickness shutterstock

Image credits: Shutterstock

Majority of the pregnant women suffering from nausea but only a small percentage of it suffer it in the morning. It can be an all day thing and while for most women it does end after the first trimester for some it can go on until the time of delivery.

7. Lifting Your Arms Above Your Head Could Strangle The Baby:Image result

Image credits: Shutterstock

Lifting your arms around your head cannot cause the umbilical cord to wrap around your baby’s neck. In fact, none of your movements can have an effect on the position of the umbilical cord and a lot of babies are born with the umbilical cord wound around their neck and is easily removed by the doctor.

8. You Would Have To Get Rid Of Your Cat:

Image result

Image credits: Shutterstock

Cats can be the carrier of a rare birth defect causing disease called toxoplasmosis. However, this does not mean you have to say goodbye to your pet as soon as you get pregnant. It is recommended to avoid cleaning the litter box and if you do not have anyone to do it for you wear gloves while doing it and immediately wash your hands afterwards.

9. Pregnancy Is The Best Time Of The Life For All Women:

Image credits: Shutterstock

The general conception goes round that being pregnant is the happiest time in a woman’s life. In reality, many pregnant can feel stressed, afraid and general feelings of unhappiness. A small percentage of women even suffer from symptoms of depression. This can happen due to the changing hormones in a woman’s body which ultimately affect the brain and mood center. If a woman experiences depressive symptoms it should be treated as it can have adverse effects on the health of the mother and baby.

10. It Is Okay To Drink Once In A While:

Image credits: Shutterstock

When you drink alcohol while pregnant, so does your baby as it can pass freely through the placenta. This can increase the baby being born with some physical or mental birth defect. While it is hard to determine the safe amount of alcohol that can be consumed without harming the baby it is best to stay away from alcohol altogether during the course of pregnancy.

11. You Lose All Your Pregnancy Weight During The Delivery:

Image credits: Shutterstock

The extra pregnancy weight gain is due to the amalgamation of the weight of the baby, placenta, breasts, the increased volumes of blood and body fluid in the body and some extra fat. While the weight of the baby, placenta and amniotic fluid is immediately lost after the delivery, it takes a couple of weeks to lose the weight gained by fluid and also fat depending on how much you gained.

12. A C-section Is The Easy Way Out:Image result

Image credits: Shutterstock

When it comes to delivery there is no easy way out. Many pregnant women believe that a C-section is the less painful and safer way of delivery. However, in reality, a c section could be pretty painful as well the only difference is you feel the pain after the baby had been born, unlike the vaginal birth. It can also pose complications later and is only recommended by doctors when the benefits outweigh the dangers.

13. The Fetus Is Unaffected By The Outside Events:

Image credits: Shutterstock

For a long time, it was believed that babies are born oblivious to their outside environment. In truth, babies can hear sounds and recognize their mother’s voice while inside the womb. They are also able to detect light and taste the food by licking the placental wall.

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Here Are 24 Tweets That Prove Pets Change Lives for the Better

Pets are amazing. They can easily become your best friend and these hilarious tweets prove that there is never a dull moment with them:


Image credits:  life1/pikabu


Image credits: BardOfRage/pikabu


Image credits: YaZoV/pikabu


Image credits:  life1/pikabu


Image credits:  DV123/pikabu


Image credits: valebv19/twitter


Image credits: DV123/pikabu


Image credits: 9gag/Eastnews


Image credits: Nokia3110c/pikabu


Image credits: Prostoilogin/pikabu


Image credits: liz_buckley/twitter


Image credits: xeniakonar/twitter


Image credits:  9gag


Image credits: 9gag


Image credits: Zelenskiy_V/twitter


Image credits: rhoziefranco/instagram


Image credits: Mr.Rihman/pikabu


Image credits: loneorao/pikabu


Image credits:  9gag


Image credits:  tim885885/reddit


Image credits: SantaPanda/pikabu


Image credits: TexasMutt/imgur


Image credits: mlkevazovsky/pikabu


Image credits:  WullieBlake/imgur

Doesn’t looking at these make you want to get a pet.

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People Had Varying Opinions on This Artist Impression of “Realistically Proportioned Disney Princesses” and We Thought You Should Be Able To Form Your Own.

People’s opinions around the world often vary because of the different circumstances they live in. And living in a world with so many different kinds of people often means that they’ll conflict on matters from time to time. Something similar happened when an artist posted a picture of a what he thought “Realistically proportioned” Disney princesses would look like.

image credits:

The following comments followed and one woman, in particular, had a strong response,


several people seemed to agree with her,

image credits:

image credits:

Other people soon started appearing in the comments box with their own opinions, an artist gave his expert opinion,

image credits:

This commenter made us all aware that Disney had been wrong in several respects,

image credits:

People continued discussing what body acceptance really was;

image credits:

image credits:

Tell us what you think about the realistically proportioned Disney princesses in the comments!

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