7 Reasons why you should delete your phone browser and start using this one

The Android OS has provided us with so many delectable features that allow us to enjoy the virtual world; the internet, that we now have. The Android OS is pre-installed with so many applications that will make you have the most exciting experience. One of the most important feature it has is the mobile web browser.

The web browser is the vital key to access the internet, so it cannot be underestimated. Nonetheless, most times, we don’t get everything we need from the pre-installed mobile web browser.

Well, hope is not lost; there are third party alternatives in stores that will do the job perfectly for you. One little issue you might face using third party applications that the doesn’t protect your privacy while they give you an awesome browsing experience. Another thing that may make you steamed up are the endless pop-ups, and some that create unlimited tabs without your permission. Trust me, I’ve been down that road and I know how embittering it makes people feel.

Wholly, This article will provide you with a lasting solution to any problem you’ve had with other third party web applications. Before we proceed, I’d like to know if you’ve heard of “Browse Simply“.

Browse Simply

Pakistan’s first browser app currently available for Android developed by a young Pakistani developer Arsal Khan and Amir Chaudhry . The app is giving good competition to other browser apps like UC Browser, Google Chrome, and Opera Mini etc.

It is like the best browser on your Android powered smartphone which has the ability to stay rational while browsing without annoying ads and accessing stuff over internet swiftly.


Here are the 7 best reasons why you should delete your phone browser and start using “Browse Simply

1.Light Weight :


It will surprise you that against the jaw-dropping features packed by this app, as it doesn’t eat up your phone’s memory.Browse Simply has been designed to serve you awesomely, while taking little and almost unnoticeable memory on your phone.

2.Speed Mode :

The days of having to wait for blue moon before your desired web page opens up are now over. Browse Simply, Speed mode makes web pages open faster than Barry Allen from “The Flash”.


Simply type in your desired URL and you’ll need to hold on something because you’ll be blown away by it’s amazing page loading speed.

3.Data Save Mode :

Now this is one of the best features of Browse Simply. Who doesn’t like saving some data while they browse the internet? Well, I do, and I believe we belong to the same Team (The Smart Internet Users).

Browse Simply helps you save data while you browse the internet. This way, your data lasts longer.

4.Private Mode :

Everyone wanted to access a website without disclosing their cookies or browsing history? The solution is here !

Browse Simply comes with the fascinating feature that allows you to access internet without leaving any trace behind. The moment you hit the exit button, your private browsing session is over.

5.Moveable to SD card :

Browse Simply has the ability to move on your SD card as it won’t install as a system application on your smartphone.

Well, I’m sure you won’t need to move it to SD card because it doesn’t suck your phone memory.If you need it on your SD card, it only takes a click.

6.Built-in Video Player for HD videos :

This one is also the best feature of Browse Simply app that everyone would love. It’s just not another web browser application for your phone – it is better.


You don’t need to download an extra HD player for your phone, It has built-in player that will enable you to play any HD videos.

7.Facebook Notifications :

Do you love being updated with happenings on your facebook timeline? Browse Simply has got you covered! Aside from browsing the internet, it will help you stay updated every time, by sending every notification from facebook to you.

This way, you can be doing something else on another application and be sure that you won’t miss a thing from your facebook profile.

Conclusion :

Browse Simply has many more interesting features and some of them are mentioned in the article. The project has recently been selected for fbstart contest by facebook. Browse Simply is definitely a browser you’d love to try out on your Android device. Visit the Google play store  today to get it downloaded or just click the Icon below: