7 Health Benefits Of Farting

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You are sitting in a grand gathering of your office annual party. You dressed elegantly from tip to toe. But suddenly something stinky happens. What is it? Who just did it? Not me!But no doubt it was you who farted few moments ago.

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But instead of getting embarrassed you should shout out” Thank god”. It will do two things .One, it can make audience wonder that you are saying such thing. Second it is way to express your gratitude a gateway to the nature. Farting apparently doesn’t seems appealing but the good news is this that it has many health benefits.

Here are the 7 Benefits of farting:

7. Indicator of a healthy gut:

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Farting is an indication of a healthy gut. Your digestive tract is one the machinery that keeps the track of your overall health. If it makes any trouble while digesting the food, then make sure that something is wrong. But due to bacteria in stomach, you have a great edge in this area. If the bacteria is healthy then it will move faster and hence it produces more gas. If you find yourself frequently farting out then it is an indication of the healthy digestive tract.

6. Good for your colon health:

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When a person farts, what happens before that it gathers in colon first. Then later it can build up intense pressure if not released as soon as needed. We often try to control farting because it is socially unacceptable. But one doesn’t realize if it is not vented out then it will be medically harmful.

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The pressure that builds up by not farting can cause many other diseases like a renal problem or other digestive issues. Same is the case with urine if it builds pressure inside it is not fine at all. Try to release it as early as you can.

5. It prevents bloating:

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After meal intake, your chances of having to bloat could multiply. But farting can reduce its chances. It will release all unnecessary air out of your body leaving your tummy lighter and relaxed. Your belly will be prevented from bloating. But if you hold it then chances are there of having a bloated tummy. It can result into prolonged pain and further health issues. So whenever if you feel to fart do not avoid it.

4. Helpful in having a balance diet:

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Are you frequently taking red meat in your diet? Are you overloaded with the excessive amount of green vegetable? Or you are taking less amount of lentil or dairy product? Your fart odor will tell you all. With help of farting, you can manage your diet in a balanced composition. Intake of every food group will help you in strengthening your body. So take care what your fart is telling you about your health.

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If you taking too much meat then it will stink filthy bad. Lacking smell can also tell you what is lacking in your diet. So, for the next time take great care of your fart, sound awfully funny, isn’t it? It seems funny but it really is not. Take it seriously.

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3. Odor itself is good:

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The smell no doubt is pathetically weird, unbearable and smells stinky at times. But odor holds many health benefits along with smell itself. The gas release when you fart is hydrogen sulfide. This gas prevents your body from catching many other diseases.

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So nature has put miraculous benefits because of these small things whether it appeals you or not,they make great differences. So in the end odor matter for a healthy body.

2. Early warning system:

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If you are farting frequently more than 10 to 20 times which is average farting rate then ring to the doctor. Your body is telling you that it is not okay to fart in such cases. You should really consider seeing the doctor because too much farting and extremely pungent smell will give you an alarm for examination of the body.

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It can indicate towards your digestive problems. So if you notice these symptoms then go to the nearby clinic.It can be the condition that your stomach is not accepting anything or you are suffering from allergies like lactose or wheat allergy.

1. Good for heart:

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It is probable that your body can build pressure if you don’t fart. This pressure can reach to your heart and can ultimately build pressure there. It can cause anxiety and headache due to excessive pressure.So it can lead to other fatal issues.

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So after reading this article just keep in mind that farting is an important mechanism for your body . It can prevent your body from excessive waste and is the result of good health if you often fart. So next time be aware and fart with  a great smile.

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