7 Essentials A Truck Driver Needs

Being a truck driver means you need to maintain your schedule and get cargo to its destination on time. In addition, you need to carry all the trucking permits, credentials, and commercial truck insurance so when you’re stopped by law enforcement, you’ll have everything on board with you. For instance, if you are in California, you are required to carry a CA DOT number. It refers to the official Department of Transportation Number and is issued by the highway patrol. The rules and regulations vary between in-state and out-state carriers. Therefore, carrying all the essential documentation is necessary for a truck driver. Being a truck driver is a demanding carrier. You should also contact the truck accident attorneys at Weston Law if you happen to be involved in a trucking accident. In this article, we will discuss truck driver essentials that will help you get through any potential problem while keeping you comfortable on the go.

1.Trucking Permits And Credentials

The most important thing to carry with you as a truck driver is your essential documents. It includes vehicle registration, state permits, CDL license, special certifications, etc. This paperwork should always be with you, so if you’re stopped by law enforcement you’ve everything you need.

2.First Aid Kit

When you start as a truck driver, you’ve thousands of miles ahead of you. If something happens on the way at least you have a first aid kit to treat yourself. A medical first aid includes bandages, compresses, gauze, tape, and first aid cream. You are required to check the kit before hitting the road and replace them as needed.

3.Tire Pressure Gauge

A truck driver is the one who gets cargo to its destination on time. It means the truck is loaded and needs to be handled carefully. In addition, the right pressure of tires is essential for road conditions. Underinflated or overinflated tires can impact a truck’s handling. Tire pressure helps to keep the tires at the right pressure so you can have a safe journey and avoid any mishaps on the way.

4.Tool Kit

When you’re hitting the road, you must have everything you need with you. The tool kit is one of the driving essentials that you must have. It comes in handy if you have a breakdown or need a quick repair of something on the inside and outside of your truck. Your tool kit must have a screwdriver, pliers, wrench set, hammer, chains for tires, flashlight and batteries, brake cleaner, wire clutters, an extra tire, etc because you have miles to travel and there are not many service stations on the go. Carrying a tool kit will save you a lot of trouble and get you going right away.

5.High-Visibility Safety Jacket And Flashlight

A high-visibility vest and a flashlight are the essentials of truck driving, especially at night. If you ever need to change your tires or look for any issue at night, without a flashlight you’ll be in great trouble. Moreover, fluorescent materials used in a high-visibility vest can keep you safe from potential accidents at night.

6.Road Atlas

We all have GPS but it’s not necessary that it will work everywhere or you can’t run out of batteries. For the safe side, always carry an up-to-date road atlas that helps truck drivers to reach their destinations in time comfortably. However, if you run out of batteries or signals and don’t have a road atlas with you, you’ll be in great trouble. You could simply be removed from the contract because of delivering the cargo late. Truck driving is all about delivering the cargo in time without causing any damage on the way. Therefore, a road atlas is a must-have for a truck driver.


No matter how odd it sounds, you need to take bathroom supplies with you. On the way, you can find rest stops but each rest stop is miles away from the other. Truck driving means long hours on the road and it’s not necessary that you’ll find a rest stop right away when nature calls. Therefore, it’s important that you keep toiletries with you so you don’t have to face any inconvenience on the go.

Article by Born Realist