7 Action Movie Skills That Might Help You Out One Day

In today’s world almost everything seems possible. There might come a day where you find yourself in the situation similar to what you have seen in the movie last time.  Action movies are full of such opportunities and many of you must have compared your situation with the one in the last action movie you have watched. Whether the scenario is good or bad, you can never imagine or foresee any upcoming situation but what you can do is to get yourself prepare for the worst so that when the time comes you are all set and ready to go. There are many tricks around that can help you get out of the bad situation but if you have no clue how to act upon those tricks they are quite useless to you. There is a lot of practice that is required of you to master these tricks. If you become pro using these tricks you can get out of any situation you want quite easily. We must have seen the heroes performing those tricks quite easily and in one go but in real life there is a lot to be practiced and if you fail in an attempt you can caught yourself in trouble. There are many tricks practiced in the movies that could easily be applied to normal routine. Here are few tricks gathered for you, so that when time comes you are all ready for it.



7. Taking handcuffs off with match

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This trick will help you get out of those cuff for whatever reason suits you. Whether you want to impress someone with this magic or you want to get out of cuffs fro real crime, this trick will come in handy. The only required tool is a match. You need to be equipped with this tool in order to get out of the handcuffs. All you need to do is flatten the match stick with your teeth and it will do he best job a key could ever do. Slide it into the holes and off you go! It is advised that you prefer not to use it in front of cops as that would lead you into other big troubles. Use this trick just for fun or to impress someone with your skills.

6. How to hide your valuables

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If you want to hide a bundle of bills or important documents, here is a DIY idea presented to you. Thinking of hiding your stash in a very secretive place? Check out this amazing idea! Get a chair, few nails, a hammer, and a pack of rubber bands. Then flip the chair bringing its bottom side up and hammer the nails onto the chair in a shape of box. Then bend the tip of the nails slightly and attach the rubber bands in the fashion as shown in the picture. Slip  your money or any important stuff under it and save it from whom ever you want from. Now you do not really have to worry about loosing your money or important papers. Just apply this trick and all your important stuff is safe.

5. Getting away from zip tie handcuffs

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You must be familiar with this kind of handcuffs too. People use it in place of other handcuffs as it squeeze your hands pretty tightly and does not allow any movements possible. It seems almost impossible to get out of these handcuffs unless someone frees you by cutting them. But there is some good news on your way! You can get rid of hem quite easily. All you need to have is some core strength. All you have to do is, lift your hands up above your head and immediately pull them down while opening your arms. Though it can cause you pain but if will also free your hands. No pain, no gain! Perfect solution for those who often get zip tied but you gotta have some extra strength for this as well.

4. A secret message sender

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Wan to send someone a secret message but can not afford the gear used in movies? Well worry not, you can make your own secret message sender gear at home with few cheap things. You need to have a blank sheet of paper, a white crayon and a marker. All you have to do is write the message on the paper with the white crayon and obviously it will seem to be totally invisible. When you want someone to read it, he/she can easily marker color i over the sheet and the writing will appear itself visible. If this is not easy enough for you or you want to do it in a more secretive manner, you can learn how to make invisible inks using lemon and baking soda. Click here to learn about how to make invisible inks. This is the perfect and fine way to make invisible inks which can help you in any sort of business. Whether you want to use it fro a cheating in your exam or for any other concerned purposes. But make sure you don’t get caught. There is no trick to it, you just have to save yourself from it by yourself. By acting smartly.

3. A door monitor

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If you want to check who entered your room and misplaced everything in it, but you do not have camera inside, you can now easily test and monitor who entered in your room with this simple trick. All you have to do is take a piece of string and tape it on your door. Tape it in a way that the string hangs a little above the door. When someone enters and then leaves the room, the string will get stuck on between he door and the threshold. This is the way o make sure that someone does enter your room in your absence and you need to take extra steps to protect your privacy. Next time when someone enters your room or have taken something from there, you will be able to notice it immediately and take some action regarding it.

2. Coded message

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If you feel he need to send someone a message that you really do not want others to see or read, there is a simple method for you to write a message which can be decoded by the person who only know the method. Take a piece of paper and write down the letters A to M in one line. Then just below the letter A start writing from N o Z. Then all you have to do is read the letter that is opposite to the other letter in the lines. In this case “hello” becomes “uryyb”. This might be the perfect way to send some a secret message without others knowing what you have sent.

1. Making matches waterproof

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The need for dry matches is essential for those who are frequent hikers and nothing seems more worse than hiking for several hours in heavy rain and finding no dry matches to light up fire when you reach the camp. This is the most annoying feeling ever for the hikers. But worry no more! Here is the perfect solution to your problem. All you have to do is paint or apply some wax on the matches before you go for a hike. You can either paint just the tip or the whole match. It will keep the match stick dry and ready for you when you need them to be. This way you don’t really have to worry about the matches getting wet and you can focus on your hike.

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