If You Do These 6 Things Daily You Can Truly Make A Difference In This World

Have you ever thought of doing something extra ordinary to change the world and then skipped that idea because you didn’t find anything you think will change the world? Maybe you did. Well you can still change the world by making some small changes in your daily life. Here are few ideas that will help you in making a huge difference in this world:

1. Plant a tree:

I know what you are thinking; to plant a tree but for what reason? Well there is no need to go in depth. On your way from office or college to home you could find a place where people stop by to get a bus. If there is no proper bus stand or shades for providing protection against sun in hot summer days, here is a thing you can do to change their world. Plant a tree there and then every morning while you pass from that road. Give water to that tree. That is changing the world with your own hands.

2. Volunteer yourself:

There are a lot of organisations which provide opportunity for the public to volunteer. Sign up there and help support others. There is a noble cause.voolla.com site which provides a platform for those who want to volunteer their skills or money.

3. Visit old homes:

Visit an old home in your leisure time. Spend time with the elder ones of your nation. Talk to them, make them smile and listen to their stories. This will not only change their world but yours too. You will get to know those amazing stories and incidents about your nation, religion and society which even Google can’t tell you. If you are creative enough you can write stories or even books on their lifetime experiences which will benefit the youth. 

4. Never Stop Helping:

If you are willing to help others you will find countless ways of helping people around you every day. You can help your friend understand a lecture which he/she finds difficult. You can help an old man or a child cross the road. You can help your siblings in finishing their homework. You can help your parents, even if they don’t ask for it.

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5. Use your skills:

If you are a writer try to change the world by using your words. If you can make videos use this talent and help people to move forward in their lives. As a teacher you can make the difference in your student’s lives by guiding them in their careers and polishing their skills. If you are a rich person you can always donate money to make the world a better place. “How will you serve the world? What do they need that your talent can provide? That is all you have to figure out.” Jim Carrey

6. Pass your knowledge: 

If you live in a country where everyone is not lucky enough to go to school and get educated, you can help them get education by donation to help them financially or by giving them 1 or 2 hours from your daily routine. In this way you will not only be helping them in their studies but also providing your country some more doctors, engineers, pilots and responsible citizens.

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Article by Born Realist