6 Online Marketing Hacks: How to Engage Your Instagram Followers?

Wondering how to increase Instagram engagement? You are not alone. Increasing competition and the ultra-smart algorithm makes it difficult to increase engagement on Instagram.

No doubt, Instagram is an excellent place for online marketing. You can get loyal following and build a supportive community for your business. Beating your competitors with the right strategy is possible that is why some companies prefer to buy Instagram followers, but it is not enough because their engagement is also necessary to increase your profit. Here are some ideas to increase engagement of your Instagram followers.

1.  Use Stories Stickers

Instagram engagement is more than just comments and likes. It includes engagement from stories, IGTV views, individuals following hashtag of your brand, etc. Organic reach is declining on Instagram because users prefer to follow more accounts. Nowadays, you can catch attention with Instagram stories because more than 400 million people are watching or posting stories daily.

For this reason, Instagram is innovating new ways for brands to increase engagement of their followers. You can use engagement stickers for your stories. With these stickers, you can encourage your followers to share their experience and opinion with you. As a result, you will get a loyal fan following for your brand. Feel free to use pole and vote stickers and question stickers.

2.  Get More Views by Scheduling Stories

At an initial level, you can Buy Instagram Views for your Instagram stories. To retain these views, you have to take specific steps, such as schedule your stories. Views of Instagram stories are similar to engagement. It can help you to get loyal viewers for your Instagram stories. By posting a story at the incorrect time, you can decrease your Instagram engagement.

To find the right time, you have to monitor your Instagram analytics. It will help you to choose the best time to publish a story. Check Instagram insights by clicking the icon of a bar chart. Any person with an Instagram business account can access the analytics of their profile. You can get information from your followers under the audience tab. It will help you to find out the exact time when most of the viewers are active. After knowing the best time, you can post your Instagram stories.

3.  Add Hashtags

You may know the significance of adding hashtags to post captions. Do you add them to each Instagram story? Some people ignore the hashtag stickers because they think they are ruining the aesthetics of an Instagram story. Fortunately, you can use add hashtags in a better way. To include the hashtags in an Instagram story, you can type out almost 10 hashtags in a story, tweak the text to decrease its size and put an image or Gif sticker over hashtags.

Feel free to choose the color tool from text options and select a suitable color that matches perfectly to the background of your Instagram story. With two taps, you can magically blend the hashtag content in the background.

4.  Introduce Your Business and Brand

Nowadays, you can’t make people happy with your product shots. They want to know about the mission of a brand, behind the scene manufacturing videos and name of creatives behind a brand. You can share impressive details of your brand on Instagram. Share your business stories to connect potential customers with your brand. It is an excellent way to engage your followers with your Instagram posts actively.

5.  Focus on Hashtags

You will need a strong strategy for hashtags. Right hashtags can help you to get the attention of viewers to your content. With strong hashtags, you can drive more people to your posts. Classify your hashtags to use on different subjects. You have to check Instagram analytics to find out the effects of each hashtag. With a strong hashtag game, you can expect more impressions.

6.  Collaborate with Compatible Influencers and Brands

Two heads can work in a better way; therefore, try to collaborate with like-minded people. Instagram collaborations with the right influencer, business or brand can improve the engagement of your Instagram account. You have to spend time researching the right profiles to connect with them.

To select the like-minded influencers and brands, check their business goals and mission. If you share the same goals even with a different target audience and product, consider them for an Instagram collaboration. It will naturally increase the engagement of your audience. With a long-term partnership, you can get loyalty and trust of the audience for your business.

Moreover, your collaboration should offer something valuable to your current and potential followers. Try to share something valuable and unique to engage your audience. You can increase the excitement of your followers with quality content. A story needs planning, effort, time and fun. Nowadays, brands understand the importance of humor in Instagram stories. You can add trending topics and memes to your content to make it enjoyable.