6 Most Memorable Female Celebrity Fashion Looks

Whether it is on the red carpet, on the set of a film or at the local grocery store, most celebrities know how to dress to impress. From the elegant to the downright outrageous, here is a look at some of the most memorable sartorial choices made by female celebrities.

Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (1961)

Perhaps one of the most recognizable garments across the western world is the black gown worn by the British actress Audrey Hepburn in her role as Holly Golightly in the romantic comedy “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” The long body-hugging number was complemented by a thick pearl necklace and large sunglasses, states representative from stylespring. “The classic dress is sometimes said to have given birth to the ubiquitous “little black dress” that has such a prominent place in most women’s wardrobes.”

Marilyn Monroe in “The Seven Year Itch” (1955)

There is little doubt that most people are familiar with the image of Marilyn Monroe standing above a subway grating, which is blowing air up her white dress. Masterminded by costume designer William Travilla, the cocktail dress features a deep necklace and a halter-style bodice, leaving Marilyn’s shoulders, arms and back bare.

Madonna’s Cone Bra (1990)

Worn by Madonna on her Blonde Ambition tour, the pink conical bra was tailor-made for the pop star by Jean Paul Gaultier. The satin outfit was first unveiled at a concert in Chiba, Japan (the first stop on her tour) and today represents Madonna’s most famous look. The outfit is celebrated for its rebellious take on the corset, adding spikes to what was once a restrictive garment that accentuated curves. Gaultier said: “I was a big fan … She knew what she wanted – a pinstripe suit, the feminine corsetry. Madonna likes my clothes because they combine the masculine and the feminine.”

Lady Gaga at MTV Video Music Awards (2010)

Lady Gaga is now known for her modesty. On the contrary, over the years she has worn some of Hollywood’s most outrageous outfits. Perhaps one of her most unusual choices was the meat dress she wore at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Made completely from chunks of raw meat, the controversial gown was crafted by California designer Franc Fernandez. The dress, which has been taxidermied, can be seen at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Cher in the “If I Could Turn Back Time” Music Video (1989)

Who could forget Cher singing her heart out on board a battleship to the cheers of its crew. And who could forget her outfit – a fishnet body stocking with strategically positioned strips of black cloth. The outfit, which left most of the singer’s buttocks exposed, was very controversial at the time. So much so that MTV initially banned the risque video. Not bothered by the response, Cher wore a very similar outfit at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards and the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.