6 DIY Wedding Sign Ideas

Every once in a while life presents us with beautiful moments that only come about once in a lifetime. One of these important moments are weddings. Just imagine a beautiful sunny day. The sun is shining in a way that seems to make everything around transform into a fairy tale, with its warm rays warming everyone’s hearts. The cool breeze dances around everyone in anticipation of the newlywed couple’s arrival. A moment so simple, yet so complex to realize. Yet the first thing that all guests arriving at a wedding see, happens to be the wedding sign that has the name of the bride and the groom.

As simple as falling in love might be, planning your dream wedding might present itself to be quite a difficult task. With all the planning, and finances, that come with your wedding day, you might find yourself forgetting little things, like your wedding sign. Or maybe you might be on a budget, like most young couples are, and might be in need of a little help, and inspiration. This is why we offer wedding decor rentals online that can compliment your DIY wedding signs. We love weddings, and we want you to have everything you think you can’t afford for your dream wedding.

A Mirror Wedding Sign

All you need for this recipe is a mirror, that you might have laying around the house, or you can just go out and buy one at a very fair price, and some adequate writing utensils that won’t smudge. The best part about having a mirror wedding sign is that you can choose any color for the text you want to have on the mirror. Get creative, any font works, and you can even synchronize the writing with any theme that your wedding might have. And another great perk about having a mirror wedding sign is that your guests can even make sure they look proper before entering your wedding venue.

Print Your Wedding Sign

We are strong believers that a beautiful wedding does not have to cost you a fortune, or even leave you in debt afterward. One of the most simple and easy to create wedding signs you can have is a printed wedding sign. With technology being all around us, it is impossible not to find an easy-to-use editing app that can help you place your text evenly, and it can even help you add anything extra that you might wish for. And all you have to do to make this happen is to find a place that prints out large prints. You can even choose the type of paper you want, from color to texture.

Glass Wedding Sign

They say that a window is the eye of any house. Why not have a glass wedding sign that is just that? A perfect glass frame, with your names on the glass, and yet translucent. This will give your wedding entryway that extra something that you have been looking for. You can apply the text, or you can even paint it on the glass to give it a perfect finishing touch that will capture the attention of all your guests.

One Of A Kind

There are many people out there that believe that certain things should have meaning, like your wedding sign. This applies to that future newly-wed that doesn’t just want to press print and be done with it. If you have a child or a special niece or nephew that you simply adore to the moon and back, you can have them create your perfect one of kind wedding sign. You can tell them what needs to be on the wedding sign and let them get creative. And you can add the perfect finishing touch with an elegant frame that will contrast the innocents of the wedding sign, with the smooth finishing touch of the frame. If you want to add a little something extra to make sure that your wedding sign catches everyone’s eye, you can add the perfect touch by lighting your wedding sign with our wedding uplighting rental. It’s simple to use, affordable, and it’s a small detail that can change your wedding sign.

A Craftsman’s Wedding Sign

Some people are very talented and when it comes to weddings, that talent should not be wasted or overlooked. If the groom, the father of the groom or bride, or anyone close to the wedding party is a carpenter, then you should use their skills. Imagine a personalized wedding sign that has been sculpted with love and hard work for your big day. This type of wedding sign is the kind of memorabilia one keeps for a very long time. You can even frame it in a future bench, or find the perfect spot for it around the house. And to add the perfect finishing touch to this amazing wedding sign would have to be lighting, once more. You can rely on our service of wedding uplighting rental to make sure your wedding sign is not missed by anyone.

A Photo Wedding Sign

They do say that a photo is worth a thousand words. Most future newlywed couples have engagement, or pre-wedding photoshoots taken, and using one of those photos as your wedding sign is one of the most unique ideas out there. Who else is going to have your photos as their wedding sign? And another great thing about this idea is that you can choose your most flattering photo.

Whatever wedding sign you decide to choose, just keep in mind one simple and true fact, your wedding sign does not have to cost you a small fortune. Having your dream wedding is something that is more than possible, and we are here to cater to wedding needs by offering you a wide variety of affordable, elegant, and easy to assemble rentals for your big day. Your dream wedding is a click away.

Article by Born Realist