6 Best Ways to Improve Your Mother-Daughter Relationship

Many things can strain a mother and daughter relationship, such as busyness, not being able to open up to each other, being too controlling, lack of physical contact, and many other factors. If not handled wisely, these things can lead to a toxic relationship which can create a strain.  

Indeed, fostering a good relationship between mother and daughter does have its challenges – due to the many factors that can cause the breakdown. To strengthen your relationship with your daughter, and help you to not only be her parent – but also a trusted friend to confide in, keep on reading to know the best guide and tips below!

1. Try to be open and modern

If you want to be a fun mother and get closer to your daughter, you should avoid being an old-fashioned kind of person that only wants to see life through your lens. Instead, you should try to start seeing things from various sides. Understand that your daughter’s needs may be slightly different from yours. So, don’t compare your situation with your daughter’s. Also avoid setting expectations that are too high for your daughter to get, because it can be burdensome and make your daughter distance themselves from you.

2. Be a good listener

Listening to your child stories is a form of empathy that you can show to your daughter. Be a good listener for your daughter, and do not judge everything that they confide in you. Listen to everything they said, before making a response. You should also ask her, whether they need your input, or just for you to be a lending ear and a shoulder to lean on.

Keep in mind that when your daughter is braving herself to share her stories with you, you should show enthusiasm by being fully present with your daughter. Avoid being busy with your phone, or dismissing what she is saying. You should instead maintain eye contact, hold her hand, or give a little physical touch to show that you are there for your daughter. 

3. Listen to their input 

Parents have to educate and guide their children. However, this does not mean that parents actually can close their ears to what their children say.  It’s best if your daughter shares her knowledge or expresses her opinion – you should try to respect, listen and even consider her insight. Just because your children are still young and green, does not mean that you have to fully dismiss what she said. 

4. Giving children space when needed

Don’t rein in your daughter all the time, because they will also need “me time”, to either do the activities that she likes or just spread her wings and meet new friends. 

Also when your daughter is having a problem, you should allow her to try and solve her own problems first. This can help to increase your daughter’s confidence and problem-solving skills. After all, you won’t always be there to help your daughter out. This is their way to grow and adulting. 

5. Don’t hesitate to show your love 

Expressing affection for children is as important as caring for and fulfilling their main needs. When you openly show your love and affection to your daughter as she grows up, it will make it easier also for your daughter to express their feelings and do the same to you. Thus this will help to strengthen your bond. It will also become a habit that stays until your daughter grows up. 

On top of that, one of the best benefits of expressing feelings of affection for children is that it can increase their self-esteem.

6. Always make time for your daughter

No matter how busy you are with your work, family, or other things that fill your day – make sure that you always make time to spend it with your daughter. Having a mother-daughter bonding time by doing things that both of you love the most. 

For most women, shopping can be the ultimate way that sparks happiness and increases mood. If you and your daughter both love shopping – then this can be a great way to bond with each other. You can go to the mall and spend time together visiting one store to another, or if you and your daughter have limited time – shopping online can also be done.

You and your daughter can scroll shopping websites together, and don’t hesitate to ask for your daughter’s input on the items that you want to buy. This way, your daughter can also feel appreciated by you. To ensure you can shop easily and within your budget, you should shop at Temu, one of the best shopping platforms that currently is on the rave by many people. You can find lots of products at lower prices in Temu rather than on other shopping platforms. On top of that, Temu also has so many promotional events that can cut your purchase price even more!

These are just a couple of ways that you can do to strengthen your bonds and make the relationship with your daughter even closer. Even when you and your daughter have a difference in outlook on life, it is not the reason for both of you to be unable to maintain harmony, cohesiveness, and love.

Article by Born Realist