5 Universities Celebrities Went To


You may be surprised to find out that many of the popular actors, singers, authors, and other celebrities went to college the same as everyone else. Let’s take a look at some of the best examples of celebrities and the universities they chose to attend.

The post will feature the following schools:

  • Brown University
  • University of California
  • Harvard University
  • University of Cambridge
  • Denison University
  1. Brown University – Emma Watson

Emma Watson is an American actress best known for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter movie franchise. Once the filming of the final movie in the series finished, Emma started exploring her academic options. She settled for Rhode Island and its Brown University, with a major in English Literature. Emma attended college from 2009 to 2014 when she successfully graduated. While studies typically take four years to finish, she took longer due to her acting career, but it didn’t affect her commitment to university studies.

  1. University of California, Los Angeles – James Franco

James Franco is one of the most accomplished Hollywood actors when it comes to academic education. He started his academic career with a bachelor’s degree at UCLA and moved on to complete a Master’s in Fine Arts at Columbia University. He also put extensive efforts toward acquiring a PhD at Yale University in English, which involves a lot of dissertation writing, essays, and research papers. If you study English and catch yourself thinking “I need someone to edit my essay”, looking for online resources to do is a great solution. James Franco is also teaching courses at UCLA, NYU, and USC in addition to developing his acting career.

  1. Harvard University – Conan O’Brien

The world-renown celebrity and television host Conan O’Brien finished Harvard University in 1985 where he graduated magna cum laude. His major was in history and literature, and he was very active on campus during his college years. Conan was one of the writers of Harvard Lampoon, a comedic magazine produced by the students. In his senior Harvard years, Conan also became the president of the magazine, giving him editorial power over it. Conan’s path from academic education to television was quite short, as he met future NBC and HBO executives and producers while studying. This made the transition very smooth and his career only grew more successful from there.

  1. University of Cambridge – Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston is a world-famous Hollywood actor best know for his role as Loki in a multitude of Marvel properties. The actor’s academic career however is just as successful, as he is a graduate of the Pembroke College of Cambridge. Tom Hiddleston majored in Greco-Roman studies, including history, language, literature, and arts. This enabled him to learn Latin and Ancient Greek, which he speaks fluently. Students who study these languages need to be very vigilant not to make plagiarism mistakes in their essays and college papers. Using LetsGradeIt is a great way to check if any plagiarism is present in the papers you write. As for Tom Hiddleston, he acquired an additional degree in Drama from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art which kick-started his acting career.

  1. Denison University – Jennifer Garner

Best known for her role in Alias and several Hollywood films, Jennifer Garner’s academic journey started very far from acting. Jennifer went to George Washington High School where she focused on chemistry-related subjects. She started studying chemistry at Denison University but quickly discovered her passion for acting. This resulted in her switching majors to drama from which she successfully graduated in 1994. While at college, she was a part of a Pi Beta Phi sorority which helped her meet people and discover her calling as an actress.  Jennifer grew to become a major education activist, promoting inclusive education for all children in poverty.

In Conclusion

As you can see, celebrities are people just like everyone else, and they do their best to fulfill their goals, both in academic development and in their respective fields. Make sure to check these universities out and see if there’s anything there that would persuade you to attend their programs.

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