5 Setbacks in a Student’s Life That Impact Their Academic Performance

Students in the UK have one of the most happening phases of their lives. This is because they are young, have some money and a good amount of time and energy to lie the life of their dreams but on some terms and conditions. This is until they perform well in academics and balance study and fun. But if not, they have the hardest time.

The UK is known for top-class universities, experienced assignment writers, immense subject knowledge and what not regarding academics. But at the same time, it is a happening place for students across the globe because of its vibrant and diverse culture, endless festivals and beautiful locations.

Everything is great in the UK until students balance fun and futuristic goals. Often, students diverge from their targets and end up in trouble because of certain setbacks. In this write-up, let’s look into those and get a better idea of how to deal with them as well:


This is a setback that’s not just limited to students. Most people of any age group have this trouble that impacts their overall productivity and health. And students are such people who get most affected due to this as their academic performance gets hampered. For example, in the UK, professors are very particular about deadlines for assignment submission. But, students, out of procrastination, delay the work and ultimately face the consequences of missing out on deadlines.

Mental Health

Often students of young age engage in multi-tasking and taking over responsibilities in a hurry to grow up soon. But this often leads to pressure and stress, which also causes anxiety and gradually impacts their mental health. Anyone with poor mental health needs more energy, effort and determination to do the same task any other student could do easily.

Poor Focus

According to a recent survey conducted for demo purposes in UK students, a major proportion struggle with focusing on a single task simultaneously. This can be because of the poor habits that have developed over time. For example, listening to music while doing chores, studying or driving, eating while watching TV and so on are some habits that unknowingly develop this multi-tasking approach in us which impacts our regular speed and focus of doing one task at a time.


Exhaustion can be for multiple reasons. For example, sometimes doing the same task for a long time or daily makes it monotonous and exhausts one due to a lack of innovation. Similarly, overworking or working under uncomfortable conditions for a long period can also get tiresome. These can just be a few scenarios that can impact student performance in academics and other aspects of life.


Being a teenager is not easy. Especially in a country like K- fast, developed, modern and happening, teenagers have so much pressure to fit in. So they seek validation from others to assure themselves that they fit in. Out of this, they focus more on getting valid among peers and distract from academics. This might not seem like a problem initially, but gradually, this can take over the student’s happy teenage phase and turn it into a nightmare.

These are five major setbacks that students face in their life that also impact their academic performance. If you are facing something similar or know someone, you must take a step to come out of this shell for your good. Don’t know? Try the tips mentioned below!

Tips to Overcome Setbacks in Life to Improve Academic Performance:

  • Stop Now – You need to stop what you are doing right now. No, not reading this guest post but the habits impacting your academic performance. Procrastinating, spending long hours on the phone, engaging more with toxic people, etc.
  • Take a Break – If you feel tired, then take a break instead and focus on refreshing yourself. This is because it is important to know when to take a break and how to refresh oneself so that you feel better and motivated when you start again. 
  • Plan and Organize – The very next and most important tip is to plan things ahead of time and organize everything around you, so things don’t feel overwhelming for you. Again, you need to start with a small step, and gradually things will align with time.
  • Focus and Start – Another important thing is to focus and start. Yes, before you begin with something since you are back from the break, develop your focus, get yourself together, and then start with new energy and motivation.

These are some helpful tips that students should follow if they feel that their academic performance is being hampered because of any setbacks in their life. This can also be implemented if they want to improve before facing any consequences since prevention is always better than cure.

Article  by Born Realist