5 Reasons To Choose GBWhatsapp For Your Device


Whatsapp is fun. It helps you to connect fast with a lot of privacy and other cool features. But..
There are some restrictions inside it as well. To be honest, the critics say that Whatsapp lacks freedom and there are right to some extent as well. But the question arises how can you tackle this one.
Well. I have a serious answer for this and that’s GBWhatsapp. Once, you become a user of this app, you will forget the fun factor of Whatsapp.
I am making a big statement here but after using both apps, at the end of the day, my conclusion is that GBWhatsapp is much more better app with plenty of more features than the conventional Whatsapp.
Now, I have to explain that, why it is better?
Here are some of the reasons.

Reasons To Install GBWhatsapp


5- 100+ Languages:
GBWhatsapp is the best mod of Whatsapp that supports more than 100 languages. Yes, 100 languages and that is not a joke by any means.

4- File Sharing
In this app, you can easily send files, images and other documents. But you can also send files in whatsapp as well. So, where is the difference? Well. in this app, you can send files upto 100 MB in size and that’s something massive.

3- Themes
One of the best things you will get from this amazing application is its dynamic and colorful themes. Yes, you can change plenty of GBWhatsapp themes with more bright colors and styling.

2- Hide Online Status:
Whatsapp has a major drawback and that is if you can’t see the messages of other persons without letting him/her know that you have seen it but in GBWhatsapp you have the luxury to do it easily. So, that’s great.

1- Cost Factor
With plenty of super features, the best thing about this app is that it is free. You can download GBWhatsapp apk file for free and enjoy these coolest features.

So, these are the reasons why I prefer GBWhatsapp on Whatsapp on every single day of the week.