5 Pet-friendly Guided Tours Around the World

Guided tours are awesome! But, what is even more awesome is a pet-friendly guided tour. That’s right! There IS such a thing. This post takes you to 5 most enchanting dog-friendly guided tours around the globe you might want to start packing for. Go shopping for your favorite dog apparel and mark your calendar for these events –

1. All the President’s Pups in Alexandria, VA

This guided tour will take you to five historic locations. During this hour-long walk, you will learn about the history of your dog’s ancestors on this estate. You will also get a glimpse into Washington’s efforts into improving his hunting dogs’ quality through breeding. The tour also sheds light on the unusual names he gave to his dogs like Mopsey, Ragman, Truelove, and Tipsy. Interesting, huh?

2. Dog-Friendly Tours Belfast, GB

Belfast hounds are invited to this pet-friendly walking foot tour in Northern Ireland arranged by Dog-Friendly Tours. You will enjoy a variety of excursions – Hillsborough Summer Stroll being the prominent one. As part of the deal, you will be lunching at the Hillside followed by a beer tasting session arranged by Hilden Brewery. The walk alongside the lake will conclude the tour for you and your pooch.

3. War Eagle Cavern in Rogers, AR

This particular dog excursion begins outside of the trading post and takes on a blissful route along the Beaver Lake heading straight into the cavern entrance. Don’t worry – you will have guides ensuring you don’t accidentally get lost in the caves. This hour-long tour also includes a pet-friendly maze aka ‘Lost in the Woods’. Your furry friend is welcomed to join you in on the experience at the Moonshiner’s Mystery Shack.

4. The Potter Trail in Edinburgh, GB

Dogs are welcomed on this 90-minute tour that takes you around J.K. Rowling’s offering to the world of haunted in Edinburgh. From finding out where they buried Lord Voldemort to visiting the café where Rowling first imagined the potter book – this guided tour will take you places. It also entails a trip down Diagon Alley and the school that inspired Hogwarts architecture.

5. Gourmet Pawprints Doggy Walking Tours in Melbourne, AU

This walk is heavily focused on Melbourne’s Victorian era. Admire the architecture, learn about the warships and the prisoners, and the ghosts who wandered the pubs. A part of the package, you get to enjoy a classic fish and chips meal that is prepared with freshly caught fish. Dogs are offered water along the way during this 3-mile walk. There’s a variety of other outings to pick from such as truffle hunts, wine tours, and picnics; all pet-friendly.

So, what are you waiting for? Check your calendar, take your pick, and get ready to travel with your furry companion!