5 Habits That Make You Look Older

Aging is a natural process, but more aspects beyond days and years affect how people age. Lifestyle and genetics play a vital role in the process. A positive disposition, as well as a healthy body, contribute to making someone seem young. In addition to this, some people might look younger or older based on how they present themselves.

There are occasions that call for either a more mature or more youthful appearance. You can intentionally modify your style, clothing, posture, and demeanor to appear a certain age. People do this all the time. For a job interview, applicants tend to look more grown, while looking younger is often the goal when out for a party. However, those who are accustomed to dressing a certain way might not realize they’re making themselves look older than they are. 

If you are not aware if you have been unconsciously making yourself look older, maybe it’s time for a retrospect. Here are several habits that might have been making you look older and should be stopped: 

  1. Wearing Shapeless Clothing

Loose and flowy clothing can be quite comfortable to wear, especially during warmer seasons. However, wearing baggy items that are shapeless can make you look older than you really are. This does not necessarily mean that you should go for skin-tight clothing. What works best is to go for pieces that sit right for your body shape and size.

Oversized tops paired with loose pants, plain hanging flowy dresses, suits that are not tailor-fit, or baggy shorts may appear shaggy and will make you look old. You can try to play with shapes, silhouettes, colors and textures to give you more of a youthful and playful look.  

You can still go for loose clothing pieces. Oversized shirts work best with fitted pants. Ladies also have the option to cinch that waist with a belt to emphasize the shape. Clothing with boxy silhouettes can also have a high-fashion effect when worn correctly.

  1. Certain Hairstyles

The hair can be quite an indicator of a person’s age. For example, elderlies will most likely have grey hair, while those that are in their 30s or 40s can be seen to opt for simpler, easy-to-maintain haircuts and styles. 

When done wrong, certain hairstyles might make someone look older than they are. Both for men and women, having hair that’s too long is one example, especially if you keep your hair down or it almost covers your face. The same effect can be caused by having very short hair. Hair color is also a factor. The cut, style and color of your hair should complement your skin tone and facial structure, so try to explore which will flatter your features and give you that youthful glow.

  1. Dying Hair

As mentioned, your hair color affects how old or young you look. Of course, most of those that wear vibrant and light colors look more youthful. But lightening or coloring your hair too often can cause damage and can make your hair look brittle, coarse, dry, and limp like it withered away from age.

Additionally, some bad hair care habits can also make you look older, like letting it become too dry, not conditioning, and not styling properly using the right tools and products, so be wary of these things. Color and style your hair with caution and care to keep it soft and healthy.  

  1. Wearing Glasses

Wearing glasses, in general, is not bad. It even gives an impression. Big black frames give off that celebrity vibe while aviators give a cool and classy look. More so, certain glasses shapes can make you look older, like the thin-rimmed or circular. This also applies to those wearing prescription glasses with thick lenses or multifocal lenses with lines. 

To avoid looking older than you are, wear glasses that suit your facial features. You can also consider going for progressive lenses, which gives transitions between far and near prescriptions smoothly. They have no visible lines, plus you can pair them with frames that fit you well and have a subtle design and touch of color for a younger look. 

  1. Over-Trending

Being on-trend or being able to keep up with current style, fashion, and culture can help make someone look young, cool and hip. However, overdoing it will push you the opposite way. Wearing too many trendy items might make someone look trying too hard or seem older than they are.

Wearing trendy clothing often comes with unbelievably high-priced and branded items. And it makes you appear like an older person trying too hard to show off to the world. Try to choose one or two brands at best. There are easy ways to style your clothes that will look flattering on you without making you look too old for your age. Experiment not just with brands but with colors and textures. 

As Yves Saint Laurant said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” Try to create your personal style that expresses who you are. From there, associate fashion sense and trends into it. 

Look Wiser, Not Older

Age is just a number, as they say. Everyone will eventually get older, but it does not mean you have to look old as early as now. The best way to look young is to embrace your age and the wisdom that comes with it and use it to take good care of yourself through a healthy lifestyle. There are also simple habits you can stop and new practices you can try to look more polished and nourish your youthful glow within. 

Article by Born Realist