5 Funny and Original Ideas for Father’s Day Felicitation

A joyful holiday in honor of our dads is a great excuse to share care and warmth with an important person in our life. It’s a day to do all the things our fathers love. Who knows your dad better if not you?

●    Family Dinner

The main tradition for Father’s Day is to visit your dad by coming to his place. You can make arrangements with him and other relatives in advance and have a whole family party with a set table and gifts for your dad. Or you can make a surprise by showing up in the morning with a gift or sending him some fathers day ecards online. Before dinnertime, make sure you decorate the house with festive balloons, which you can choose on mylar and foil balloons. Balloons create a festive mood, being simple but at the same time heartfelt decoration. This accessory is suitable for any themed party.  You may adorn a festive table or ceiling as balloons’ designs evoke only gentle emotions. The idea to give your dad for a festive event a beautiful air decoration is an option to create a good family love atmosphere at the party.

●    Nostalgia Night

Remember when you were a kid and see if anything can take you and your dad back to that time? It might be a particular place you can visit together, a hometown you’ve already left. You can also watch your favorite movies or cartoons. Don’t pick up something sad if you do not want to cry all night.

Or you may make a photo book with your parent. These days all photos are stored on electronic media, and there’s no point in printing them out. But there is a unique charm in printed pictures. It’s pleasant to hold paper photos, like a printed book, in your hands, leaf through and, feel nostalgic from time to time.

●    Active Leisure

If you want to spend this day dynamically, you can go for a walk in the park, wood, or river, have a picnic in nature with tents, go rollerblading, or play sports in the fresh air. Such rest will not only bring you unforgettable positive emotions but also recharge your energy and improve your health.

If your father likes to go to the theater or concerts, you can spend the evening in the concert hall. Moreover, there is no need to spend the day with a family. You can give your dad “time to himself,” when he can go fishing, relax with friends, or just take a break from everyday life.

●    Sharing Activity

If your parent wants to learn a new skill, Father’s Day is the perfect occasion for this gift. Sign up together for a painting class, yoga class, cooking class, or any other activity your loved one would enjoy. This leisure might become regular in the future.

After the workshop, congratulate your dad one more time. We are often shy to express our feelings in person. You can write a letter, saying why you are grateful and for what you love your father. Don’t forget to apologize for mistakes and insults, if there were any. Of course, your letter should be written by hand.

●    Personal Stylist

Who says men don’t need a stylist? Even if your dad has an incredibly loud sense of fashion, a day spent with a stylist doesn’t hurt. An assistant will help sort out clothing, get rid of unnecessary stuff, make up outfits for various occasions.

After that, you can arrange a professional photoshoot in new outfits.  And when the photos are ready — make a collage together. There will be one more reason to come and visit your father!


The pace of life is getting faster, so there is less time and effort to call your dad. On Father’s Day, let’s remember how important it’s to show your feelings to your loved ones and spend time with them. On this day, don’t forget to thank your dad for what he does for the family, and try to show him your love and tenderness for no good reason.