5 Fun Photo Op Ideas for Your Next Big Party

Group of friends having fun at party --- Image by © Michael Patrick O'Leary/Corbis

We all want our parties to be memorable, and there’s no better way to stretch the memory of a celebration than to plan some awesome photo ops!

These five photo op ideas give your guests the chance to create memories that will last forever while also getting to have fun with them while at your party!

Themed Booths and Props for Your Party

If your party is themed: your photo ops should be too.  Including a themed space, like a ship-decorated section for a nautical-themed party, or a fun era-themed booth for your 70s party, can give your guests the chance to vanish into the theme of the party and really cut loose with it.

Include props that have to do with the theme, and let them range from goofy to fun and classy, depending on the type of guests you’re expecting. This is a party, so don’t be afraid to lean into the theme and have the most fun possible with it!

Neon Lights Installation

Neon lights have been back in popularity since The Weeknd’s Superbowl halftime show, where he vanished into a hall of mirrors and neon lights.  Many have been excited to recreate this look with friends and family, and your party can be where they get to do that!

By setting up a boot of neon lights, or a separate room entirely with many different neon displays, you give your guests the chance to live out their halftime show dreams!

Infinity Mirror Photo Booths

Infinity mirror photo booths allow you to create the illusion that your guests have stepped into a kaleidoscope.

Of course, the best way to achieve this is by purchasing or renting a booth itself, but you can also DIY one with some construction know-how, some large mirrors, good lighting, and a phone stand where guests can set their devices to take their pictures! 

Hiring Entertainment to Help

What could be more exciting than guests having the chance to take pictures with Elvis or Lady Gaga?  Although it’s nearly impossible to have either of them at your party, you can hire a celebrity or impersonator to show up and help with the pictures!

Whether you hire an actual smaller star or you hire a lookalike of a fan favorite, including them as part of the photo ops gives your party a sense of legitimacy and fun that guests will be talking about for years to come.  

Using Curtains So Guests Can Pick Their Backdrop

An awesome way to allow more people to get photos that they want is to offer an assortment of backdrops they can choose from.  By using a very long piece of PVC pipe that can be suspended between two elevated clamps, hang up several curtains that your guests can choose from.

These can range from literal velvet curtains that allow for luxurious photos to faux flower and plant curtains that make it seem like they’re vanishing into a garden.  The range of choices allows them to take as many pics as possible.

Article by Born Realist