5 Fitness Trends to Look out for in 2023

Young women doing stretching exercises on fitness ball in gym.

As we emerge from the strange COVID dominant last couple of years, many people are using this chance to focus on themselves and improving their health in general. This might be physical fitness and eating better, or it might be improving mental health and happiness. As human beings, we like to define our trends and what is important to us into eras, and 2023 is the year that welcomes the era of holistic and whole body and mind fitness focus. Here are a few of the picks for our most interesting and potentially big fitness trends emerging in 2023.

Outdoor Fitness Activities

Indoor gyms and dedicated places to go and work out to increase your fitness aren’t finding much favor in 2023. We’re all about the outdoor fitness activities at the moment. That means opting to join a sports club and take up a team sport or getting out onto hiking and running trails and experiencing the outdoors and what it has to offer. Because of the large focus on mental health and the benefits spending time in nature can have on it, we’re choosing outdoor fitness activities over the indoor activewear fashion parade of the gym.

Exercise as Medicine

Our general practitioners are stressing the importance of exercise and getting active onto us like never before, and this means that we’ve actually seen them starting to prescribe exercise to us. Sure, we’re not getting actual prescriptions for it, but the uptake in the focus on how important it is, both from our medical doctors and our psychologists, is causing us to be more aware of what it can offer us. Adding supplements to our diet has also become a big trend in 2023, even bigger than it has been in the past, and companies like Turkesterone are leading the charge.

Wearable Fitness Trackers

Because we want to diversify and not necessarily devote our time solely to exercise time, we’re finding ways to keep ourselves in shape just doing our normal daily activities. A big part of this is tracking how well we’re doing both on active work out days and days where we might be resting and taking it easy. With metrics like step counts and active minutes being popularized by the makers of fitness devices and a boon in the popularity of devices like the Apple Watch, we’re relying on our wearable fitness trackers to paint a picture of how well we’re doing keeping fit every day for us.

Spiritual Fitness

It’s not all about the body in 2023. Mental health and our emotional happiness are taking centre stage after the hits we’ve taken during the various stages of the pandemic and lockdowns. Spiritual awareness and fitness are a big trend in 2023 and it’s only set to get bigger. Activities like meditation and the positive effects it can have on our emotional wellbeing is a big talking point right now.

Commuter Cardio

Adding to our need to not dedicate time to fitness and to rather build it in to our days and our existing activities, there has been a big rise in the idea of commuter cardio. We’re choosing to walk, run or cycle to work instead of drive or make use of public transport. It’s beneficial to our health and wellness, and it can even save us some money because, best of all, it just happens to be completely free.

There you have it. These are just five of the many trends we’re seeing emerge in 2023 when it comes to health and fitness. There will undoubtedly be more to emerge in the coming months as we’re only just getting into the swing of things for this year. Whatever you choose to focus on in 2023, make sure it’s about you and about making yourself happier and healthier.