5 Benefits of Using Web Conferencing Software

Web conferencing software has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Now, most web-based conference services can support hundreds of callers from all over the world for less than your monthly phone bill. Online services are versatile, compatible with phones and internet connections, and have global connectivity, among other things. Here are five benefits of using web conferencing software for your next conference call.

  1. Global Connectivity

If you’re still using a landline phone to talk to your clients in Hong Kong, you’re probably familiar with the ridiculous long-distance charges the phone company tacks onto your bill. With an online conference service, global connectivity is standard; giving you a conference room that anyone anywhere in the world can join at no extra charge.

Being web-based, the conferencing software uses the internet to connect callers rather than a phone line. This means that there aren’t any restrictions based on distance. As long as your callers have access to an internet connection of some kind, they’ll be able to connect to the call with crystal clear audio and/or video.

Leave the days of landline limitations behind with web-based conference software. No more dropped calls, long-distance charges, and less-than-perfect audio quality muddying up your calls!

  1. Additional Tools

What’s great about online conference calling services is that they include so many extras with the conference calling software. You can pay for things like cloud storage and sharing, so you can share directly within the chat window. Important files no longer need to be emailed after the call; simply share directly during your conference call.

Online services usually have operator-assisted calls, in-call chat windows, and even screen sharing software and video chat capabilities. Tired of having audio-only conference calls? Using video conferencing software to bring a more in-person feel to your conference calls. Use screen sharing software to explain complex processes or share presentations and graphs.

An online conference service is truly one of the best tools a remote team can have. You’ll get to know your team better, and have all the tools needed at your disposal to make the call feel like an in-person meeting. Combining your software with a time tracker for business will help you have some of the most productive calls you’ve ever experienced!

  1. Higher Number of Participants

Some conference calling services can support up to 1,000 callers. Can your landline do that? Probably not! This incredible versatility makes the online conference option the best option for large businesses or for running online seminars. Without the restriction of just a few callers to a landline call, an online conference call lets you achieve your conference call goals easily with simple interfaces and incredibly lax limitations on the number of participants.

Remember that the more participants you want to join your calls, the more your monthly service will likely be for the conference service. If you only host a few calls per month with less than ten participants, one of the internet’s many free conference calling services is probably your best bet.

Online seminars are quickly becoming the preference for many large businesses. With the expenses associated with renting a venue, hosting a large number of people, and providing travel arrangements for employees, seminars are simply an expense that most businesses could do without. Host your next seminar online with a web-based conference service, and you’ll see why so many businesses are making the switch.

  1. No More Expensive Phone Bills

How much does your landline cost per month? How much are your long-distance and multi-caller charges? These probably add up to hundreds per month if you’re using a traditional landline. That’s where web-based conference services come in. With flat rates for specific service packages, you’ll be able to choose exactly what you need for a price that’s likely 50% or less of what your current phone bill is.

As a business, you’ll want to save money anywhere you can. In fact, you probably don’t even consider your phone bill to be a “major” expense, but if you’re dealing with a remote team or clients, you’re racking up those long-distance charges every time you host a conference call.

Cut your phone bill down and increase the value of your monthly payments with an online service. You’ll get plenty of extras included with your service to make the service well worth the cost.

  1. Versatility

The most important benefit of the web-based conference service is its versatility. Whether you’re calling in from a landline, cellphone, or via the internet, an online service can connect callers from anywhere in the world, at any time. You’ll be able to better synchronize time zones for out of state (or country) callers, and you’ll have the added options of sharing files or your screen. The bottom line is that landlines can’t do half of what web conferencing software can; so why wait to make the switch?


With so many conferencing options available today, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your business. By choosing online software, you’ll be saving money and adding some extra versatility to your toolbelt; as well as providing a secure, stable platform to reach customers and team members anywhere in the world.