48 Hours in San Diego, USA, Top things to do!

If you are confused with an outing plan and unable to decide on one place. Then let us suggest a destination that will make your holiday with fun and joy, unlike any other. And for that, we present you none other than San Diego, the land of dreams. A place that is bound to meet your expectations and bring on something in addition as a bonus. The city is a diverse hub of beauty, cuisine, culture and travel, for which Limo Find is our guide to the best travel around the city. Don’t trust me; take a quick view of what it has to offer. Be ready to be blown away because you will be packing your bag right after. Here are a few amazing spots to make it out in San Diego.

Balboa Park

Here’s the top of the list, Balboa Park, which is as immense and above 1000 -acre. The apparently big park is not just big but is housed at great attractions. To start off, we have the essential zoo, then comes the amazing Butterfly Garden amongst many others like Museum Garden. The gardens are open to stroll in and get immersed in green beauty.

The park has a historical impact, made back in 1868, and known for being a good host to the California Elucidation. If that is not enough, it is open with its range of museums that include an Art Museum, The Railroad Museum, and Natural History Museum. A bit of history is what travelers are interested in digging, as it comes to a new place.

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

Diego is not coming down with Parks, and here we have yet another amazing spot. This time it comes to a gracious view of the ocean. A park that is spread on to 68 acres with beauty hidden to every side of it. The sunset Cliff is a treat to the eye with its beautiful view of sunset, and that is what attracts people from all around the world, the ultimate beauty. The hikers, the bird chasers, and surfers are always up to it.

Diego Comic-Con

Here’s to the greatest conventions of the time, the greatest of San Diego. One of the yearly festival that attracts local and international residents to get a grab of festivity, screening, good exhibitions, and amazing parties. Almost around 130,000 people make it to the comic-con with many taking up costumes. It has the honor of being mentioned in the Guinness Book for being the utmost comic/cultural festival of the time.

Don’t Forget to Get Hold On Tiki 

When it comes to scenic beauty, San Diego marks its position really well. It is known for conducting the vibrant Tiki Oasis convention annually. It hosts a great number of people that fall nearly around 3,500, all aiming at the celebration of Polynesian culture. This is also open anytime in the year with its attractions like The Grass Skirt, Bali Hai Restaurant, and the very famous a Tiki speakeasy.

The Cat Cafe

You might have heard of famous animal cages at places like Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. But what you are missing is the charming Cat Cafe in the city, with its very first dated in the year 2015. One can have a good gathering here by having some nice meal, drinks and by spending time closely with animals that is a cat in this case.

Heritage Park

A park that is small in size, for about eight acres than some of San Diego’s great wild assets, this immensely delightful site is a major attraction and consists of six Victorian homes that were later transformed into the park and kept open for people to visit.

USS Midway Museum

Here is something fascinating for the history lovers, before you rely on a guide, treat yourself with Maritime museum, found in USS Midway. It was open for the general public in 2004, for the first time and since then receives thousands of visitors from all around the globe. The specialty of this place is its presentation of the audio of a ship that exhibits machinery, engine room, the bay, and even the jail. This comes in a package with great sums of activities like a movie screening, fun-filled concerts, and even lectures or the serious ones.

The foregoing details mark great details in San Diego, making one long for it. The right time in a year when one wants to relax may be the time for San Diego. But if you are located other than the USA and aim to visit the amazing sites, ESTA is your guide to a wondrous trip.

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