4 Things You Should Know Before Moving to London

Moving to London – the Swinging City – is a big deal! There is lots to think about before you move, and you might find yourself getting a bit overwhelmed – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Read on to find out the four most important things you should know before moving to London.

Think About Where You Live Carefully

Now, it’s no secret that properties in London are high in demand, but it’s important not to make a decision too quickly and snap up what seems like the property of your dreams, but is in fact a nightmare! There are lots of things you need to take account of:

For example, who you’re going to be living with is important. Are you living alone, are you flat sharing, or are you moving with family? All of these things are important to consider when selecting a home that’s right for you. For example, if you’re moving alone, these furnished flats London from Blueground are perfect for people who’ve never lived in London before and want to avoid the hassle that comes with moving, and if you’re interested, you can find more details about their properties here. If you’re moving with family, however, somewhere larger may suit you better, so check out the firm’s range of larger apartments to find one that meets your collective needs.

Another important thing to consider is what sort of facilities you’re going to need nearby. If you don’t drive, make sure there’s a supermarket nearby, or you’ll be struggling to get your groceries home. If you have kids, do your research on the best schools, and keep your search close to them. Whatever is important to you is worth looking into, and finding out which areas would be most suited to you.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on crime statistics. Some areas of London are worse than others, and you’ll want to avoid any areas that put you at a high risk of experiencing crime. Even scouting out the neighborhood and seeing if you could live there is a great thing to do before you buy any property.

Review Your Budget

Before moving to London, it’s important to make sure you’re going to have enough income to cover your living, housing and leisure costs. There are plenty of rumors about London that aren’t true, but unfortunately, high rent and selling prices are two of those exceptions. You’ve got to make sure you’ve got enough of an income to afford your place, whether that be rent or a mortgage, or you won’t find yourself living there for long.

It’s not just rent that’s worth considering, however – it’s also the cost of living. London is the most expensive city to live in the UK, and that goes for groceries, eating out, transport, and recreational things you want to do. Doing your research on monthly prices for your expenses is essential to make sure you’re not going to be struggling to put food on the table.

The Pace Is Much Quicker

Life has been speeding up a lot lately, with the advancement of technology and the increase of daily pressures, but if you’ve never lived in London, you don’t know the half of it yet. Everyone is always rushing, work pressures will be at an all-time high, and the buzz of the city never truly stops. For some, this is perfect, but for others, it might be a bit of a shock to the system. Take your time to get to know the place, make some visits, and begin to adjust to the lifestyle.

If you’re not so fond of London’s intensity, choosing somewhere away from all the hustle and bustle and making the slightly longer commute into London is a much better compromise. That way, when it all gets too much, you can take a step back to regain your calm and sense of self.

It’s Wonderful!

As careful as you need to be in selecting the right place for you, London is an experience like no other and provides you with countless opportunities. Whatever kind of person you are, whether you’re in love with nightlife, are a museum and history buff, arty, a chef, or a shopaholic – there’s something for everyone here, and it’s not hard to find a place for you to fit in.

There’s also plenty for you to get stuck into – so much history and culture is jampacked into one city, and if you spend some time walking through London, you’ll find yourself discovering new places and hidden gems again and again. And with parks offering you some much needed green space and always being a festival or celebration going on, you’ll find the joys and wonders of London don’t stop – in fact, they just keep coming.

Moving anywhere is daunting, but it is even more so when you’re moving to London. However, with some time to plan it out properly and make the right choices, we promise it’ll be some of the best years of your life.