4 Important Photography Mistakes That Beginners Can Avoid Easily

When you’re new to photography you’re going to go through a bit of a learning curve, and it is inevitable that you’ll make some mistakes. While making mistakes and learning from them is natural – there are some that you can avoid easily.


In fact there are 4 important photography mistakes that you should try to dodge – and that could help you improve your photos significantly:


  • Focusing on the wrong area

Many beginners rely on the autofocus on their camera, and from time to time it is bound to pick the wrong spot to focus on. Fortunately that is an easy fix and you can just use the spot autofocus instead, that lets you lock the focus to a specific point – normally by tapping it on your display.


  • Always centering the subject in the frame

Technically there’s nothing wrong with centering the subject in the frame, and in some cases it will actually make for a great composition. However in many cases it is less visually appealing than a slightly off-center composition.


The easy way to avoid this mistake is to turn on the grid on your camera and use the gridlines to position the subject slightly off-center. That is part of what is known as the rule of thirds, and it is a good start for any beginner.


  • Not keeping the camera still

Beginners often don’t realize just how important it is that the camera is perfectly still when the photo is captured. That results in photos that are often a little bit blurry and lacking in definition.


The best way to fix that is to start by holding your camera in a more stable fashion. Ideally you should use both hands and keep the camera close to your body so your arms can use your sides for support.


Of course other options such as using tripod or monopod stands can be a great way to avoid this mistake too.


  • Accidentally cutting off important elements

Have you ever seen photos where the top of a spire is cut off, or the feet of the subject are missing? That is often an accident, and it is one of the more common mistakes beginners make.


To avoid it you need to be mindful of how the frame intersects with your subject (or any other important element). Try to make sure they are fully included, or at very least control the parts that you cut off so you decide where it is cut.


As you learn to better your photography skills, you could also head over here and try using Movavi Photo Editor. It is a user-friendly editor that will let you enhance your photos, remove unwanted elements from its composition, crop the frame, apply filters, and more.


If you’ve already made any of the mistakes described above – you should now know what you need to do to avoid them in the future. You need Best DSLR Camera for Beginners to do all above steps in a real wayIf you haven’t, try to make it a point that you never do seeing as they can be easily avoided.