4 Awesome Retro Date Night Ideas

There are different stages to dating, each with its own degrees of adversity. For many hoping to find a girl to date online, actually coming across a suitable partner is the hardest part. For others, because online dating provides such a variety of choice, literally at your fingertips, this aspect couldn’t be any simpler. However you manage to get your relationship up-and-running, the hurdles never quite stop, and one of the next ones you’ll face is keeping your other half engaged.

This is where it pays to think outside the box when it comes to arranging dates. If all you can come up with is going to the nearest bar, chances are your partnership is going to run out of steam. But going to a 1970s-themed club? Now that’s completely different. If you want to keep the spark in your romance, retro date nights are a fabulous idea. Here are four awesome suggestions.

Saturday Night Fever – dance your way back in time

Whether you were actually alive in the 1970s, or this gaudy era was long before your time, this iconic decade is the perfect backdrop for a fun night out. Why not head over to a themed bar with a jukebox pulsating with Glam Rock classics, everything from David Bowie to Queen, or all the hits by various disco divas. You are guaranteed to have a toe-tapping time in your finest stack heels and flares. There are so many clubs catering for 1970s nights, so why not unleash your inner John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, and carve some shapes on that dance floor?

Roller-disco mania!

Roller discos were once a staple of entertainment in the 1980s, combining high-energy music, eye-catching outfits and, of course, the adrenaline rush of zooming around on roller skates. Whether you are beginners, shuffling tentatively around the perimeter of the circuit, ensuring the barrier is always within easy reach, or you transform into a blur as you whizz across the arena, you and your partner can have a terrific time. Afterward, you can enjoy a succession of welcome refreshments at the bar as you wind down, watching the other skaters strutting their stuff.

Relish the golden days of cinema

The 1950s are regarded as one of Hollywood’s most dynamic periods. So why not keep an eye out for your local cinema showing classic pictures from that time frame? This would be the perfect excuse to get dressed up in appropriate attire, females in sophisticated dresses and partners in stylish suits, before heading down to the theatre to lounge in the comfortable seats and take in the entertainment. Whether you are watching Marilyn Monroe and Jean Russell captivating audiences with their bombshell physiques in figure-hugging outfits, or Jimmy Cagney giving it his finest gangster schtick, lose yourself in the silver screen.

Scoop away at an ice cream parlor

Prior to the advent of pub culture, the younger generation in the 1960s tended to hang out in cafes or ice cream parlors. You’ve seen this in all the films – the booths, the brash floor tiles, the rock n’ roll music pounding from speakers, the girls in ponytails and their escorts in quiffs and jock sweaters. The dressing up part is such fun, and the added bonus for your memorable night out would be selecting a large tub of ice cream to yummy up, choosing mouth-watering flavors from the menu. Whether you prefer scooping up the ice cream or adding spoonfuls to your coke, the only cautionary advice is not to over-indulge and end up with a sore stomach!