Outsourcing and outstaffing are the two most effective models for working on a business project related to the IT industry. Web design development for online games and other web products is one of the most popular areas. At the same time, most clients are looking for outsourcing and outstaffing services, which differ from each other. The purpose of outsourcing is to transfer specific functions to the contracting company, while outstaffing provides direct personnel to work on the project. Turning to a specialized company, you have the opportunity to immediately get to competent programmers who will not only perform 2D and 3D design services, but also make 3D modeling at a high level.

Popular services in the field of virtual games

When hiring professional web developers for 3D modeling, it is possible to count on the fact that specialists will agree to develop a model on an individual basis on a turnkey basis without a doubt. Firstly, there is experience and a well-established portfolio. Secondly, the designers are aware of the 3D world and will be able to come up with relevant ideas for a future game. Among the most relevant services in this area, it is worth emphasizing the following:

  1. Visual design creation from nothing. Skilled web developers will be able to perform servicing regardless of the complication of visual content for gaming software. At the same time, the embodiment of wishes and ideas will be brought to life, taking into account fashionable innovations in the field of modeling. Thanks to this, you can make large-scale and high-quality 3D games.
  2. Scaling the contractor team. In order to implement any ordered web design services, the company will select competent specialists who will work on the project according to the previously drawn up terms of reference and in conformity with the purposes set (to model munitions kits and individual armament, characters and heroes, the community in the game, cars and other vehicles).
  3. Full web product maintenance. By contacting a specialized company, you can be sure that programmers choose the appropriate game tool for the designed virtual game, fix errors, operate on visual flaws, be able to ensure the satisfaction of gamers and the target clientele for which the game is calculated, create special content that allows you to update the game, bring web development to perfection and will do everything to increase reach and attract new people to the game.

As already mentioned, there can be two models for cooperation – outsourcing and outstaffing, because it depends on the particularity of the draft.

What types of 3D models can be realistically developed today?

Since the virtual world of games continues to win the hearts of people around the world, both young and old, it is absolutely not strange that users spend their leisure time playing. All 3D models created for games are divided into the following types:

  1. Conception. We are trying to clarify the fact that at first it is important to think over the idea itself, and then offer its development from the very beginning. The main thing is that the client should at least understand what the meaning of the game should be, and web designers will help to “pack” all thoughts into a single picture, because they know about visual trends, the preferences of modern professional gamers and the best industry practices today.
  2. Characters. Naturally, a game is unreal where there is no main hero or several main heroes – the so-called characters. It is they who are made special, attractive, vile, scary, cute, “fluffy”, good or evil. Character design is a gem. Because these are individuals who must demonstrate their brightness, their character and who in no case can be disoriented with any others.
  3. Environment. In fact, the specificity of the assignment is to create an unreal, virtual and, of course, improbable world. It should consist, as in any online game, with some flowers, bushes, plants, constructions, infrastructure, architectural houses, and various structures. The environment can be represented in one of these formats: low-poly and high-poly. They are popular because they represent real time.
  4. Transport. Trucks, vans, trains, air transport, and of course everyone’s favorite cars, including sports cars, are indispensable. In some games, you can even see tanks and other vehicles for combat operations. At the same time, the development of 3D models should be carried out exclusively by experienced architects who will be able to create a car with a cool and interesting texture, add creative details, paint the car with new colors, which will add drive and dynamics to the transport.
  5. Weapon. It is known that many depend on the concept. If the game has a fantastic plot, then starships, stellar superweapons, cutting-edge innovations like lasers are indispensable. If the game is modern, then you can create cool classic or futuristic weapons – pistols, grenades, machine guns. If the game has a direction of the Middle Ages, then 3D models of swords, crossbows, axes, maces and so on are developed. The main thing is to create the necessary atmosphere in a virtual game.

Namely, motion design services are the most relevant in the IT industry, because there can be a huge number of game tasks and each client wants their wishes to be implemented at a high level. Turning to a specialized company, you don’t have to worry, because 3D modelers will perform their work professionally, taking into account trends, tendencies and innovations.

Article by Born Realist