3 Ways You Can Be Certain Of The Influence Organizational Culture Has On Hiring Process

Organizational culture is defined as a set of values, beliefs, symbols, actions, and even language shared by all the members of the organization. It is a body of knowledge that is acquired and interpreted as the identity of the organization. (Huff, 2014)

Organizational culture in other words is known as the glue that holds the empire together. It is the motivation that keeps employees plunging into work and being more creative. Now the hiring process can be quite tricky and tough. The HR may receive a dozen applications for a limited number of jobs. But they have to choose only those that meet the job requirements. But even after that, there are a number of applicants that meet that criteria. So what does HR do? Who do they choose? They choose the people that are the best match for the organizational culture.

Below are a few adjustments that can be made in the hiring process according to the culture of the respected organization:

Choose Men Who Are Good at Fitting In

Choosing employees on the basis of their background. Hire people who are good at compromising and adjusting according to the changing environment. The more the employees are good at fitting in the lesser problem they will make for themselves and those around them.

The employees that fit in the organizational culture in a much better way and understand the values are bound to flourish more. Fitting in the culture of the job is better foremployee retention as it creates much more job satisfaction, better performance, and lesser turnover chances.

Market the Culture

One way to attract best-suited employees is to market the organizational culture along with the jobs. For instant when one is marketing for a job of saying an assistant manager the job requirements can be included with being creative and cooperative. This will give the applicant an understanding of what he/she is signing up for. Marketing can be indirect or direct. Whatsoever suits the nature of the organizational procedures. This will save HR a lot of time in the process of selection and recruitment as only those individuals will apply who think they are suitable for the job.

Make The Culture More Visible

The process of hiring can take quite a lot of time and energy. Finding the best-suited individual that has not only the required skills but also fits well in the culture is a challenge. But things can be different if the culture of the organization is itself attractive enough to magnetize desired individuals. Or the reputation that the organization holds does it for them. The culture of the organization must be open, friendly, and flexible. Anything that conveys the message of a committed and diverse workplace.

This can be achieved by changing what the outside world sees. Such as advertising that is more creative and friendly, Employees that are more happy and satisfied, and Organization that is more committed. Commitment can be exhibited with the help of little gestures like public service messages or little things like lanyards, ID badge holders, etc. You can use custom lanyards or printed lanyards to convey commitment messages to your customers which you can get places such as 4inlanyards. Such methods are not just affordable but also create a long term influence on the targeted population. 

Employee turnover is a demanding issue that many organizations are facing nowadays. The major reason behind this is because employees can not fit into the culture that the organization’s purpose. Training, development, selection process, etc. cost a large amount. And who likes to see it all wasted? So it is better to fight the problem at its root and save damages from being made via recruiting employees that are more suited to the organization’s norms and values.