3 Smart Tips to Select the Right Tie for Right Occasion

The first thing people notice about us is our appearance. Whenever you go for a meeting, an interview, or any other place, it is imperative to make sure you look your best. Whenever we meet someone for the first time, we take away some sort of impression on our mind. That impression is a combination of traits and appearance is also one of them. If a person is dressed nicely, it will give the impression that he takes care of himself. A nice impression of that person will be created in the mind of the observer.

A tie is a piece of cloth worn around the neck. Although it’s a small piece of cloth the amount of elegance it adds is indeed massive. However, sometimes guys don’t look good even though they are wearing a tie. This happens when you make a few blunders while selecting the tie for your suit. Be sure to keep following things in mind when selecting a tie.

Go for a Balanced Color:

The first and foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to select the right color for your tie. Now, this can be a really confusing task for some of the people who do not really know what color tones should they go for. For example, you should not wear a red or a bright color tie for an office meeting. Similarly, you cannot wear a very dull color tie that does not match your suit at a wedding ceremony.

You should be able to select the right kind of tie that goes with your suit. Some people also go for the same color of tie and shirt which looks good in some cases; however, it depends on the shade of the color. Ties.com has a good collection of all kinds of ties. You should visit the site to see their all new designs.

Try to Avoid Pattern Ties

It is true that creative things look really cool and stay trendy. However, try not to go for pattern ties that have weird patterns drawn over them; instead, prefer plain ties with dark but not bright colors. In case you have gotten bored of plain ties and want to try something colorful, then go for either striped or polka dot ties. Although these ties are colorful, they do not look weird or funky and that professional look maintains.

Do Not Forget to Check Tie Proportion

Tie proportion is an appropriate length and width of the tie which does not look good if left unfollowed. Although skinny or wide ties are also common and look good, they are not for everyone and you need to select a tie according to your body shape. For example, a skinny tie will not look very good on you if you are already very thin. On the contrary, if a large person opts for skinny tie, he will surely look good in it.