3 Federal Crime Accusations Where You’ll Need Expert Criminal Defense

Crime accusations don’t feel too good. If the police approach you and say you broke the law, you might feel frightened, upset, or angry. Maybe you committed the offense, or perhaps you can blame mistaken identity or some other reason why this occurred.

If the police say you committed a federal crime, that’s even more serious. Federal criminal defense requires a highly experienced lawyer, and you’ll probably need one. You might face serious jail time if the criminal court system convicts you.

Let’s discuss federal crimes right now. If the police say you committed any of these, you likely have a long road toward proving your innocence.  

Child Pornography

Child pornography includes images or videos with sexual content involving someone underage. The criminal court system regards these charges very seriously and with good reason. Child sexual acts that adults perpetrate can scar the child or children involved.

The criminal court system also regards child pornography as a federal crime. Often, those who perpetrate these crimes share their images or videos. They might post them online or send them to other sexual predators.

The FBI monitors these cases, so it should not surprise you that the court system considers these federal offenses. If the police or the feds accuse you, you must hire a good lawyer for your defense.

Some Sex Crimes

Some sex crimes remain local matters. For instance, you might end up in a local court if you face a rape or sexual assault allegation. It’s when the sex act involves a minor that you may face federal charges.

The accusation’s details determine whether you might face federal charges or local ones. If the feds say you traveled across state lines to commit child sex abuse, that’s federal. Online child solicitation usually constitutes a federal offense. Sex trafficking or interstate prostitution involving a minor also means federal charges.

These charges can destroy your life, and again, you must hire the best possible lawyer if you face these allegations.

Some White-Collar Crimes

The court system might prosecute some white-collar crimes on the state level. It depends on what allegation the police or feds bring against you. Sometimes, they might say you did something that warrants a federal investigation and federal charges.

For instance, maybe the feds say you committed bank fraud. Perhaps you stole hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Bank fraud often gets you federal charges, but you may also face some if the police or feds say you committed healthcare or mortgage fraud.

You may also face some federal charges if the police or feds say you committed identity theft or money laundering. Corporate crimes like embezzlement might also qualify.

Whether you committed these alleged crimes or not, you must hire the best lawyer you can afford and figure out your strategy. You should regard these situations seriously. If you receive a conviction, you might end up serving decades behind bars, or you might even get life.

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