3 Creative and Fun Activities You Can Enjoy with Your Kids

Does it seem like your kids may have a case of the winter blues? Has everyone been stuck indoors for what seems like months now, thanks to the cold temperatures and miserable weather outdoors? Even if you don’t live in an area that gets harsh winters, the winter blues can still hit and leave everyone feeling a bit stir-crazy. And as any parent knows, as soon as the kids start feeling bored, that’s when the mischief tends to happen.

So rather than continue in the cycle, waiting for better weather days where everyone can get outdoors and be more active, here’s a look at three creative and fun activities that you can enjoy with the kids right now.

Get Cooking

Here’s an activity that can be done year-round, regardless of the season. Cooking is not only a fun activity for kids that taps into their creative side, but it’s also a learning experience that they can take with them into their adult years. Teaching them the basics of reading a recipe, how to measure ingredients, how to pair items together, safe handling of kitchen tools and appliances, and the pride you feel after creating a successful dish is really a fabulous activity.

When choosing the recipe, you’ll obviously want to base it on their age, experience, and comfort level in the kitchen. While it’s good to teach them new skills, you don’t want to push them too far too fast. Cooking is something in which you can start off slowly and then build upon it.

Easy items to start with include such things as cookies, muffins, pizza (use pre-made dough), a variety of slow cooker dishes, pasta, and even basic soup.

Card Games and Board Games

Another great family-friendly activity that the kids are sure to enjoy are card and board games. No, that doesn’t mean you have to resort to the old-fashioned games that likely won’t get their attention. Instead, look for new games and even fun twists on the classics.

Take for example the card game UNO. You can breathe life into this classic card game by choosing cards that will interest kids instead of the standard deck which isn’t always exciting. Be sure to check out NinNinGame.com for authentic Japanese Pokémon cards, including the Pokémon UNO card game. For any child that loves Pokémon, this card game will be a home run.

Bring Out the Arts and Crafts Bin

This is also the ideal time to stock up on arts and crafts supplies so you can bring out the bin whenever the kids start looking bored. Dollar stores, thrift stores, and craft stores are all excellent places to find unique items that can be used. You can even head outdoors and collect items you find in nature if you like.

Some of the arts and crafts activities you can have the kids do are making bird feeders to keep the birds fed all winter long, decorating small clay planter pots that they can then start an indoor garden in, potato stamping, giving tie-dye a try, making their own candles, knitting and sewing, beading, and so much more.

Ideally, you want to make sure your craft bin is always well stocked with a variety of materials. This will ensure that kids can be creative. You’ll want to refill the basics as they get low, and add new and interesting items on a regular basis so that it keeps kids creative and excited to get crafty.

No Such Thing as Boredom

This is just a small look at the many creative activities that you can enjoy with your kids during the winter and all year-round. Have fun!