Here Are 26 Situations That Show Anything Can Happen In A Plane

Weird stuff can happen to anyone at any time and place. A collection of some of the most bizarre situations happened in a plane are given below. Have a look:

26. Freezing Time:

Image Credits: Passengershamming/Instagram

There is nothing to get worried about. This woman is just freezing.

25. Long Legs:

Image Credits: Passengershamming/Instagram

Such long legs? Consequences of still growing up.

24. Personal Item:

Image Credits: Passengershamming/Instagram

This woman was told she is allowed to take just one personal item along with her.

23. Just A Pack Of Hawks:

Image Credits: JT5555/imgur

This is not a big thing for a Prince of Saudia. He has just randomly booked 80 seats for his Hawks.

22. Cutest Monsters:

Image Credits: zdml/imgur

Is he the cutest monster ever?

21. Introvert Guy:

Image Credits: unknown author/imgur

This guy is surely an introvert.

20. McQuack:

Image Credits: Passengershamming/Instagram

This launchpad includes McQuack. Thankfully he is not seating at the controlling end.

19. Annabelle And Chucky?:

Image Credits: janglejalorpy/imgur

Looks like Chucky and Annabelle are on the same flight.

18. Weird Flight Attendant:

Image Credits: unknown author/reddit

This guy is giving an expression as if he is about to begin The Hunger Games.

17. Harassment On Board?

Image Credits: jgoodier/reddit

This guy looks like as if he has been harassed.

16. Playful Dog:

Image Credits: succulentgravy/imgur

Dude, come let’s play a ball game.

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15. Hurley From Lost:

Image Credits: yleecoyote/imgur

This is Hurley from Houston. We badly need some help.

14. Helpless Guy:

Image Credits: Theywillknowmebythetrailofdead/imgur

No one wants to understand the situation of this guy.

13. Panda Delivery:

Image Credits: JosephPBrenner/imgur

That is how the famous Panda delivery looks like.

12. Scary Head:

Image Credits: theoboticdan/imgur

Turning his head can cause serious problems to this guy.

11. Blonde Or Alibi?:

Image Credits: theywillknowmebythetrailofdead/imgur

Blonde is not just a hair color. It is an alibi also.

10. Safety First:

Image Credits: ac6/reddit

This guy was not sure of his sleeping position so he tied up his head to stay safe.

9. Life Vest?:

Image Credits: radargeek/imgur

This guy claims that it is just a type of life vest.

8. Drooling Thing:

Image Credits: unknown author/imgur

What is worse? The guy next to me or this drooling thing.

7. Smelly Shoes:

Image Credits: Theywillknowmebythetrailofdead/imgur

Seems like this man did not smell his own shoes.

6. Cat Boss:

Image Credits: Anniba/reddit

This cat is chilling like a boss while his real boss working hard to earn money for him.

5. Helping Animal:

Image Credits: biggestlittlepickle/imgur

Such animals are better than a lot of humans. At least they help you in recovering from bad situations.

4. Flying Alone:

Image Credits: Roachghost/reddit

Flying alone and someone hits at the back of your seat. Scary or not?

3. Statue Of Liberty:

Image Credits: broom333/imgur

This man got to carry a statue of liberty and I was not even allowed to take just a bottle of champagne.

2. Lost Underwear?:

Image Credits: unknown author/imgur

Seems like someone lost his underwear on the seat of a plane.

1. No One Should See My Belly:

Image Credits: Theywillknowmebythetrailofdead/imgur

According to this man, he is not seeing his belly so no one else should dare to see that.

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Article By: Born Realist