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Check out these 26 perfectly timed dog pictures, these pictures will leave you laughing and will tickle your funny bones. If you’ve captured a funny picture of your dog share with us below in the comments.

26. Super Dog To The Rescue:

Image credit: Imgur

25. Eagle, You Cannot Get Me:

Image credit: Imgur

24. When You Don’t Want To Swim:

Image credit: WittyFeed

23. Dracarys Dogarys:

Image credit:

22. He Caught It:

Image credit:

21. The Two Headed Monster Is Real:

Image credit: Firenews

20.  Just Fishin In The Breeze:

Image credit: Topuklu Haber

19.  Real Life Face Swap?

Image credit: Buzzly

18. The Feels Are Real:

Image credit: BlazePress

17. My Hairstyle Is Perfect, Just Like Me:

Image credit: BlazePress

16. You Can Do It, Just Don’t Touch The Loops:

Image credit: Imgur

15.  You Had One Job Dog:

Image credit: Notey

14.  Is That His Tail?

Image credit: Imgur

13. Yeah He Is One Lazy Dog:

Image credit: BlazePress

12. Giraffe Neck:

Image credit: BlazePress

11.  I’m Gonna Save This City:

Image credit:

10. Walking On Water Like A Pro:

Image credit: ViralNova

9. What A  Cute Pair Of Ears:

Image credit: BlazePress

8. She’s Not Real Jack:

Image credit:

7. Oh I Got The Kylie Jenner Lips:

Image credit: BlazePress

6. The Proportions Look Odd:

Image credit: BlazePress

5. I’m The Face Of Boe:

Image credit: BlazePress

4. What You Looking At Hooomun?

Image credit: ViralPosme

3. The Kung-Fu Fighter Spy On His Mission:

Image credit: Funiaste

2. The Moment Of Realization:

Image credit: Dimplify

1. One Regular Scotch Please:

Image credit: Imgur

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