25 Intelligent Parenting Hacks Guaranteed To Make Your Life Easier

To make life less demanding, mothers and fathers frequently utilize little tricks to keep their children entertained. Here are a few of the best ways that every parent should be aware of.

25. Potato Stamp:


Cut a piece of potato and give it to your child and ask him or her to use it as a stamp for painting.

24. Water instead of paint:


Your child would be busy just let him paint the garden face with the help of water.

23. A little container for snacks:


Whenever you give your child some snacks to eat. Give him in different containers. He will concentrate on it while opening. This will enhance his mental activity.

22. A saucer for ice cream:


Cut a hole through a paper plate put ice cream cone or stick through it. Give your child to eat. All the ice cream drops will drip on the paper plate.

21. A sponge necklace:


One of the best trick for keeping your kid look cool during summer is to make a necklace out of sponge. Make a necklace out of sponge. It will be fun!

20. An idea for those who want to sleep in the morning:

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If your child has a habit of waking up early do arrange something for him, so that he stays busy instead of crying.

19. Window stickers:


During travelling give your children some stickers, so that they can play with them. Stickers which can be easily be removed from glass.

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18. A canvas for young minds:


Spread a plastic sheet on the floor and tell your kids that this is a canvas for you. Make them draw different things. Let them explore and give them free space for learning.

17. Watermelon slices:

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Cut watermelon in slices and present it to kids with different techniques. Kids will surely love it!

16. Helping with your workout:


You can ask your kid to do workout with you. It will keep them busy and healthy together.

15. Liquid chalk:


Give your kids some colorful melted chalks and ask them to paint. Later frame that painting in their room to encourage them.

14. Dried-out felt-tip pens:


Give some old pens and markers to your kids. Put those markers in a glass of water and see the magic of colors mixing together.

13. A new role for an ice cube tray:


Give your children an ice cube tray and ask them to mix colors. It will enhance their creativity.

12. Blowing bubbles:


To stop your kid from spilling bubble mixture everywhere attach a bottle with the leg of the chair. It will really help your kid in not creating any mess.

11. Protecting your carpet:


If you are tensed regarding the mess your child create. Place your kid in a colorful tub.

10. A sheet under the dining table:


Place a plastic sheet on the floor whenever you give food to your kid. It will create less mess.

9. Making your home safe:


Put band aids on sockets so that your kid stays away from it.

8. Making use of the handles from a bag:


Cut your handbag’s strap and fix it to a supermarket cart. It will keep your kid close and safe.

7. Making use of old boxes:


Don’t throw card boards. You can recuse it. Toddlers can make house out of it and can have fun in it.

6. A handy little hook:

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A hook like this can bribe your child during meal time.

5. Packing food:


Make different boxes to store your children;s food during travelling.

4. A basket to replace the bath:


When it comes to bath time laundry basket is a must.

3. A whole city on the asphalt:


Draw a map on in your driveway which shows your home, the school, and the houses of your friends. A game like this can keep your child busy for hours.

2. A shower cap and a coffee cup lid:

This shower cap protects a baby’s eyes from shampoo and water.

1. Keep your hands warm and the kids by your side at all times:

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Wear cozy gloves to make your child feel comfortable.

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