22 Uses For Duct Tape Other Than Patching Things Together

When in emergency to stick something together, always remember duct tape can save your day. If you had a chance to pick one home repair tool to a deserted island just pick a roll of duct tape without thinking twice. It has plenty of used and it is such a miracle stuff that you not be familiar with as it can patch up anything instantly. The sticky plastic coated tape was first used in World War II as a water resistant tool. Since then it is being used to mend broken windows or leaky pipes. From its violent uses in wars to it’s humorous uses today it has been promoting many inventions. Below are many clever uses of duct tape that will make you believe in this magical stuff.

1. This duct tape wallet is a savior for those who find it trouble hanging on to money. This will keep your money stuck in the pocket.

duct tape wallet

Image credits: purpleslinky.com

2. IPhone case and dock, well who needs some of those expensive Apple hardware when you can make this by yourself.

Image credits: forums.ilounge.com

3. Got a broken shelf in your refrigerator? Well duct tape is your savior in this too.

Image credits: 2sao.vn

4. Lazy people are the most creative one.

Image credits: funylool.com

5. Worn out sofa cloth? No worries, here is the solution.

Image credits: relax.ru

6. Necktie or should we call it a neck tape?

Image credits: flickr.com

7. Flashlights headlights, also known as pimping your ride.

Image credits: globalinksabroad

8. Some fisherman’s sandals.

Image credits: tchien428.com

9. Some emergency flip flops. It is such a case when a duct tape should be available to you in any situation.

Image credits: fundir.org

10. Well this is exactly what you would want to do when you are in emergency of mending a broken boat.

Image credits: travelinsurancereview.net

11. Though there are many ways of hair removal but boy! This is some manly stuff.

Image credits: youtube.com

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12. Removal of warts. Something related to skin cell replication but by applying duct tape for 6 days and water application and voila! No more warts.

Image credits: peoplespharmacy.com

13. It’s cheap and cool at the same time.

Image credits: gma.yahoo.com

14. Broken ducts? Well duct tape is your answer..

Image credits: daviddarling.info

15. Some unusual day care.

Image credits: open.az

16. Well it requires 3 things, a cat, some duct tape, and lots of boredom.

Image credits: dayimprover.com

17. No better display of geekery.

Image credits: science.discovery.com

18. Protection from hurricanes, because hurricanes and lass don’t mix well.

Image credits: blogs.palmbeachpost.com

19. It’s seems a mystery how it would have worked?

Image credits: telovation.com

20. Fixed the car. Cheaper than taking it to the shop.

Image credits: museshank.blogspot.com

21. Well they definitely don’t need the luggage rack.

Image credits: simple.wikipedia.org

22. By now you should be thinking what else now and this shows up. All hail the Duct Tape!

Image credits: tvworthwatching.com

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Article by Born Realist