21 Pictures That Prove You Shouldn’t Trust Perfect Social Network Photos

Photographs on social media seems to be going to hilarious lengths to have a perfect shot. It is all about creativity when it comes to capturing a perfect picture that is jaw dropping and thought provoking at the same time. Social media websites are used to promote or show off something you do not have or something that you are not really doing, rather just staging the scenario. The main reason of social media sites is to provide easy and direct contact with loved ones but it can be seen that many people gets offended by someone else’s life. The photographers took these photos in order to prove how far they can go to demonstrate their beautiful fake lives which end up being hilarious too.

21. Power of deception.


20. Applying some Photoshop skills here.


19. It’s the best feeling when you are able to see your favorite match at the stadium. I got to see every detail much clearly. Had a lot of fun!

18. “Just got new Gucci sliders, and loving them”. Or they are just plain $5 sliders!

17. “All mine and natural cleavage”. Or it is all your friend’s efforts and you just got much credits for it.


16. “Chilling with only bae”. Or having some me time and faking it all over.


15. “My new beauty is home”. Or just posing with my son’s dinky.

14. “Got a new job at some serious company”. Or just killing some time at the store.


13. “Playing some golf with gentlemen”. or just plainly posing in front of the picture to get an awesome picture.

12. It’s all about angles.



11. “Enjoying the sunset at the pier”. Or just wondering how it must be like to be there actually.

10. “Left a generous tip for the waiter”. Or it is just that I know some tricks.


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9. “Going to Europe, for a well deserved break”. Or just wanted to fake and make other jealous about my fake trip.


8. “Bae caught me sleeping”. Or it is just me acting as my own bae.


7. “Like to have some cash handy”. Or just applying a trick of folding a magazine.

6. “Did some renovation in the kitchen”. Or just posing in the store to leave a fake impression.


5. “An unforgettable experience”. Or it’ s just a deception for the people on social media.


4. “Got my own new car”. But actually killing some time in the bus .

3. Cleaned the room, well not yet!


2. Location vs Picture. A beautiful deception.

Location vs. Picture
by infunny

1. Hidden pain behind the photo


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