20 Ways of Staying Positive

Staying positive has become a challenging task in our world, every day is more difficult than the last and despite the centuries many luxuries we still find ourselves just as, if not more, traumatized than a person living in the dark ages. Well, we understand, and so we’ve made a list few a few habits you can start on that’ll make every day for you a whole lot more positive, tell us what you think in the comments!

20. Think about everything you love about life:

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Every-time you start feeling down, think about the many things you have in your life and look away from the stuff you lack, it may sound stupid now, but being thankful is healthy, and it boosts your positivism and self-confidence, there are people out there who are happier in so much less than you.

19. Love Yourself and take care of yourself:

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Stop beating yourself over things you can’t change and can’t go back too, everyone makes mistakes and you need to forgive yourself for your own, find it in you to love yourself again, and find time for yourself, get a manicure, read a book, dance a little, sit down and write it all on paper, take care of yourself, if you won’t no one else will.

18. Talk about the things you believe in, not those you hate:

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Give up on talking about your problems and the things you hate and the problems you have with life, instead, change it up a little and talk about the things you love, about the ideas that excite you and the big dreams you had and have, talk about those happy experiences and centralize them in your life, that way you will gravitate positive thinking as well.

17. Eat healthy:

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Remove all the junk food from your diet and opt for a more plant-based and organic dinner today, eating healthy has so many thousands of benefits, it can take away your unnecessary weight and it can help cure you of so many diseases while protecting you against so many others.

16. Take control of your life:

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Take the wheels for your self, start working for what you believe in and stop letting people pull you in the direction they think is fit, this is your life, no one else and you should be the master of it, and you can’t take charge of it unless you start working for it, so get off your butt and start working on your dreams today.

15. Enjoy nature as much as you can, as many times as you can:

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Go for a walk every day and get outside as much as you can. start playing a sport, if you have children take them to the park and have a day out, if you’re drowned in work, surface for just enough time to enjoy the breeze or the morning air.

14. Exercise:

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We’ve said it time and time again (we just want you to be healthy!), if you want to get over depression or anxiety, hit the gym and let it all out, get your blood pumping!

13. Drink as much water as you can:

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Water is a miracle liquid, it keeps everything your body working and can help detoxify it as well, it can help your body combat acne and other skin diseases, staying hydrated also removes excessive stress on your kidneys, so, don’t skip out on the water bottle today!

12. Do things that make you feel happy:

We all have something we’re good at, something we love doing, so, everyday when you come home, read that chapter you’ve been too busy to read or make yourself something fancy to eat, or take that bubble bath you’ve been wanting so bad, treat yourself and don’t let the world drown away your true self!

11. Live in the now:

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This concept has beautifully been summed up in the quote;

“People don’t realize that now is all there is; there is no past or future except as memory or anticipation in your mind”.

10. Get out there and accomplish your goals:

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Don’t just sit around waiting for miracles to happen, go out there and make them happen, achieve your goals and become the person you’ve always dreamed of being!

9. Become your own best friend:

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Know who you really are, become a source of comfort and love for yourself, find out what drives you and what your good at, spend time trying to find your purpose and give yourself enough space to make mistakes, don’t expect impossible results from yourself and don’t compare yourself to others, you are your own person, living a different life and can learn at your own pace.

8. Turn off your technology for a while:

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Shut down your smartphone and just take a moment to breathe in the people and the world around you, spend time with your family, bring back the family dinners and go out with your best friends more.

7. Believe in yourself:

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Believing in yourself is important, you already being bombarded with negative thoughts from the world around you, you have to be your own strength and you can’t be strong if you are doing the same thing and pulling yourself down as well, so believe in yourself, you are worth more than you really know.

6. Travel more:

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See new places, and immerse yourself in new cultures, the diversity can help you find yourself and can help calm your mind when you need it too.

5. Shower everyone with love:

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There aren’t a lot of good people in this world, which is why it is essential you become one, spread kindness and help those you can, you never know who you could be saving.

4. Choose positive friends:

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Make sure the people around you are kind and aren’t hindering your happiness and productivity in any way, friends are supposed to be sources of happiness and companionship, make sure you choose those who are ready to provide both.

3. Take time to laugh at your mistakes:

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Life is hard and it sucks at times, but you have to admit the highs are always more than the lows, so be thankful and laugh at the difficulties knowing that nothing ever lasts and everything ends, believe in your perseverance.

2. Practice positive affirmations:

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Tell yourself you can do it! Shout out your worthy and tell yourself you can build the life you’ve been dreaming about all this time.

1. Listen to the music you love:

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Take deep breaths and relax, play the record you love and sip some tea, dim some lights and light a few candles, and just let the music flow. Music helps relax our minds like nothing else can, give yourself some music therapy today.

Article by: Born Realist