20 Things Your Hairstyle Says About You

According to face reading expert and author Jean Haner your facial features are not the only part of your body that represents your personality. Based on studies, your hair also plays a major part in shaping your personality.

Check out these 20 things which tells more about your hairstyle and hair color:

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20. Girls With Red Hair Are More Fun:

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Red color on its own is very apparent and bold. If you naturally have red hair or dyed your hair red it means you are a bold and adventurous person. These are the girls who loves to try out new things in life.

19. Curls Represent A Warm Heart And Fun Personality:

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Women with curly hair have a strong personality. They complete their tasks within the time period and are also known to be very generous.

18. Thick Wavy Hair Represents Innovation and Creativity:

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Girls who have the willpower and patience to grow out their long wavy hair also have a strong and patient personality. These girls love freedom and they like to explore new things every now and then.

17. Thick Long Hair Means Strong Will Power:

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Grooming thick eyebrows is just like taking care of your long thick hair. Long thick hair means you are stubborn, confident and don’t give up easily.

16. If You Curl Your Straight Hair, You Are Looking For More Adventure:

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We love hairstyles of all kinds, but curling your straight hair is a lot more fun. If you curl your straight hair quite often then you are a positive person who loves to be optimistic.

15. If You Straighten Your Curly Hair, Your Life Is Chaotic:

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Girls who straighten their curled hairs are the ones who are looking for peace and calmness in their lives.

14. Medium Rough Go-To hair Means You’re A Good Thinker:

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Apart from being a good thinker, you are also stubborn and don’t like to waste time over petty things. You are a no fuss person and like to get things done your way.

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13. Long Hair Means You Are Emotional:

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They are also more creative and sensitive towards everything in life.

12. Super Short Hair Means You’re Carefree and Don’t Fuss Over Things:

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Super short hair means you don’t care about what others think of you and you are a carefree person who likes to try funky hairstyles.

11. High Maintenance Hair Means You’re Super Dramatic:

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Doing a dramatic hairstyles requires a lot of time, that probably means you are self critical or you are a drama queen who loves to flaunt and show off.

10. A Messy Braid or Hairdo Means You Put Your Needs Last:

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It means you have more than one task to look after and you hardly have time for yourself. You are a multitask-er and skip making your hair most of the times.

9. A Clean Bald Head Means You’re Quite Romantic:

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You are a hopeless romantic who still believes in happy ever afters with your prince charming.

8. An Unconventional Haircut Means You’re Fun To Hang Out With:

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You are a fun and crazy girl who loves to party and stay out late. Your friends enjoy hanging out with you because of your funny and witty personality.

7. A Blunt Cut Means You Don’t Beat Around The Bush:

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You simple have no time to beat around the bush and you directly come to the point without wasting any time. You are known to be very straightforward.

6. If You Can Carry A Layered Cut, You’re A Perfectionist:

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A layered cut takes a lot of precision and likely means you are a perfectionist.

5. A Straight Hairline Means You’re A Rebel

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According to Chinese, a straight hairline means you like to break the rules and change them according to your own preference.

4. An Irregular Hairline Means You Had A Troubled Childhood:

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An uneven hairline means that you did not have a role model as a kid and you have face a lot of struggle while growing up.

3. Rounded Hairlines Girls Are Typically Good Girls:

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Rounded hairline means you follow the rules and are very well mannered.

2. A Widow’s Peak Means You Are

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You are a magnet and people are automatically pulled towards you because of your strong personality.

1. A Polished high Pony Tail Means You’re Goal-Oriented

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You are a business woman and you don’t like your hair or people coming your way. Your focus is to accomplish your goals and look professional.

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