2 Best Marketing Strategies for Pop Up Shops

During the holidays, the spending limit goes up no matter how big or small one’s budget is. People spend on gifts, more new clothes to #OOTD on holiday parties, and sumptuous food to put on the table.

Entrepreneurs have caught up with the times and strategized on how they could earn more without spending much on their manpower and other operational expenses. Hence, the birth of pop up shops; these pop-up shops often set up their booths or stalls at craft fairs, bazaars, or other events. From e-commerce merchants to big brands, pop up shops have been growing in popularity nowadays.

If you are a budding entrepreneur who wants to venture on pop up shops, you may check out a pop up shop agency near you, or you can continue reading on as we have some tips for you.

1.  Focus on logistics.

One of the most significant and first steps to consider before putting up your pop up shop is the right location and time to open up. You need to find a spot that gets a lot of foot traffic and is filled with your target clients. Determining the time to open is also dependent on who you target as clients. For example, if your target market are professionals, you would want to start after their working hours.

2.  Use social media to your advantage.

Lucky are entrepreneurs nowadays as you no longer need to spend too much on advertisements. Social media platforms are the best avenue to promote your goods since almost all are tuned into their social media accounts, and the good news is, you can also advertise for free. Just make sure to put your creative juices on a hyperdrive when creating your announcements as you want them to attract as many customers and build anticipation within them.