Here Are 19 Funny Couples Who Are Real Pranksters

If you want to stay happy in life, you need to have a good sense of humor. And if you have found a partner who shares such madness with you then you are the luckiest person ever. Here are some examples of pranks played by partners on their significant others and they are hilarious. These are some of the pranks pulled on couples on each other:

19. Drunk Last Night:

Image Credits: chadneidt/imgur

This guy got way too much drunk last night and this is how his girlfriend helped him in remembering what happened.

18. Cat Having A Nap:

Image Credits: Missheather13/imgur

The girlfriend attempted to take a cute picture of her cat taking a nap with her boyfriend was athwart.

17. Cuddling Solution:

Image Credits: kakozlow/imgur

The girlfriend complained to his boyfriend that they do not cuddle anymore and he came up with this solution.

16. Two In One:

Image Credits: colleenpettit/imgur

Cat wants to cuddle and boyfriend has to do work so this is the only solution the guy can think of.

15. Firewood:

Image Credits: dropstop/imgur

Girlfriend got this when the guy asked we need some firewood.

14. Result Of Being Overly Drunk:

Image Credits: themusicman777/imgur

The boyfriend was soo drunk that he put the phone on charging like this.

13. So Hungry:

Image Credits: ifuckdragons/imgur

This is what the girlfriend cooked when the boyfriend informed her that he was hungry.

12. Mauled By Kitten:

Image Credits: kelbrina/imgur

The kitten clearly mauled the guy while being at work.

11. Internet Famous:

Image Credits: theonlynessiah/imgur

To become internet famous the boyfriend of this girl asked her to show her nips.

10. Same Color:

Image Credits: whoisnotwo/imgur

The guy took this photo of his all shirts to prove her girlfriend wrong who always complains he wear same color clothes always.

9. Photo With A Puppy:

Image Credits: toru85/imgur

A failed attempt by a girlfriend at taking a photo with the puppy as a bird slammed on the window.

8. Leftovers Of Long-Distance Boyfriend:

Image Credits: unknown/imgur

A boyfriend forgot this at his girlfriend home and only he has got the keys.

7. Afraid Of Heights:

Image Credits: smashmouthftball/imgur

The boyfriend of this girl never thought she was this much petrified of heights.

6. Pink Bag:

Image Credits: ohsh1-/imgur

A boyfriend was confused beyond limits when his girlfriend asked him to get her a pink bag.

5. Pinched At The Right Moment:

Image Credits: thesierranevadas/imgur

This guy surely pinched his girlfriend at the right moment.

4. Just Fitable:

Image Credits: bobgasm/imgur

The boyfriend thinks this is the best gift which was ever gifted to his girlfriend.

3. Something Sexy:

Image Credits: pinkzebraprint/imgur

The girlfriend asked his boyfriend to send something sexy and this is what she got.

2. Boyfriend Is A Nokia:

Image Credits: carelinus/imgur

The reaction of the boyfriend made his girlfriend wonder that is he a Nokia.

1. Stand A Coin:

Image Credits: nnaknak/imgur

This is what the girlfriend did when asked by her boyfriend that coins cannot be made to stand one sides.