The 16 Restaurants Have The Most Antibiotics In Their Meat! Avoid Them!

Mass produced meat has several antibiotics in it, as livestock’s daily are given more and more antibiotics, the threat of harmful microbes increases. We have complied a list of 16 restaurants that haven’t passed the safe meat antibiotic test, and two that have gotten an A in their policies regarding the safe use of antibiotics. It has been observed and proved that over two million Americans annually become antibiotic resistant, and contract diseases because of it. Here is the list of restaurants that have gotten an F in their polices and practices in relation to antibiotics.

Two restaurants that have gotten an A in safe antibiotic practices:

1. Panera Bread:

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Panera Bread has gotten a high grade and it’s meat is considered safe, it’s antibiotic content is considered safe for use.

2. Chipotle Mexican Grill:

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The Chipotle Mexican Grill scored an A on the environmental organization friends of the earth report sharing the A grade with only Panera Bread.

The restaurants that scored F on the list:

16. Arby’s:

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Thinking about going out and getting a delicious meaty burger from Arby’s? Maybe you should rethink it!

15. Apple Bees:

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Apple bees made the list of F graded restaurants as well.

14. Buffalo Wild Wings:

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Your neighborhoods favorite Buffalo Wild Wings made it in the list as well.

13. Burger King:

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Burger King made the list as well, and was given an F rating!

12. Chilli’s:

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Chilli’s made the list as well, maybe you should consider making your own ribs!

11. Dairy Queen:

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Dairy Queen got an F in meat antibiotic content ratings as well, maybe just stick to the chill part of the deal for now!

10. Denny’s:

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Going over to Denny’s for a milkshake and breakfast? Maybe just try the milkshake this time around.

9. Domino’s Pizza:

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Domino’s scored an F as well, maybe try out some other pizza this Saturday and make something at home!

8. Dunkin’ Donut’s:

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Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is the best and still it maintained its standard. Don’t try the burgers maybe!

7. Jack In The Box:

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Everybody loves Jack in Box burgers, but maybe you should before getting one after they tell us if they’ve improved they’re standards from F to A!

6. Little Caesars:

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Little Caesars was graded an F in antibiotic containing meat use, maybe try some other pizza this time!

5. IHOP:

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IHOP’s pancakes are still as amazing as they were before, just don’t go around trying their meaty products.

4. KFC:

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Everything about KFC is awesome, but they were rated an F in antibiotic containing meat content, making us all sad and worried.

3. Sonic:

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Sonic drive through has gotten big progressively and we were sad to hear that it scored an F on the list!

2. Olive Garden:

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Olive Garden is our go to restaurant for casual dine in with the family, it’s sad that this news has circulated about it and it’s gotten an F.

1. Starbucks:

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Starbucks is our favorite coffee brand and the good news is the coffee is still pretty much alright! So an A in coffee for Starbucks but an F in antibiotic content of its meat.


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Article by: Born Realist