15 Unflattering Pictures Of Kylie Jenner

There will be quite few people who would not have heard of Kylie Jenner. No matter how out of touch you are with pop culture, the name is bound to have popped up somewhere. She has slowly integrated into the fashion industry and has become a style icon for young adults. Young girls often look up to her for perfect body and makeup. From her lips to hair, everything seems to be the benchmark for style and girls pay hundreds of dollars to get their makeup products and clothes. However, no one is perfect. People often look at celebrity pictures and perceive that they are always this perfect, ignoring the amount of effort that goes into creating that perfectness. With paparazzi around and everyone owning a phone with a camera, sometimes the guise of perfection is lowered.

Nobody is perfect and here are some photos of Kylie Jenner that prove that:

15. Unblended

The Kardashians are famous for their makeup trends. This picture of Kylie Jenner with unblended bronzer and contour shows the end result is definitely better than the process.

14. Bad hair day

Anyone can have a bad hair day, even famous people and this picture is a perfect embodiment of that.

13. Celfie

Kylie is the queen of selfies with each one posted on her Instagram getting thousands of like. This blurry unflattering picture, however, will not be one of them.

12. A thing called too much contourin

We all want to have a nice cleavage but in this photo, it seems Kylie went a little overboard with the contouring.

11. The mid-dialogue face

This picture looks like it was taken in the middle of her saying something. The weird hand positioning and weirdly parted lips make the picture combined make this picture unflattering.

10. Weird wink face

There is something obviously wrong with this picture. The mid-wink-mouth-open expression and the weirs teal hair colour make this picture extremely unflattering.

9. Bad dip dyes and unwashed hair

We’ve all had days where it just seems too much effort to wash hair. This picture seems to be taken on one of those for Kylie. The unwashed hair with the blue dip dye gives it a strange greasy look and make it unflattering.

8. The half-drunk pose

Nobody looks good wasted. Not even the Kardashian-Jenner clan. In this picture, Kylie looks wasted, hardly able to keep her eyes open. The ruined makeup and long claw-like nails make it particularly unflattering.

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7. Double chin and uneven tan

Double chins are a curse. They are hard to hide or get rid of. Nothing like a visible double chin and two-toned skin to make a picture less than flattering.

6. Post workout

Workout and pretty do not belong in the same sentence together. Seldom anyone looks cute in sweats right after an intense cardio session. This picture shows that Kylie belongs to that majority of people.

5. Silver-haired

This picture of Kylie with silver hair, tape on her face and a far-off gaze is the top contender for the most unflattering picture of her.

4. Thin lips and weird hairdo

This picture seems to be taken before the days of lip fillers makeup trends. It is hard to imagine looking like this compared to what she looks like now. It’s safe to say she has come a long way from this looking at this picture. Nobody is born perfect and we’ve all had our pre-glow-up phases and this seems to be hers.

3. Lazy Sunday?

Here the famous star looks like any regular teenager on a day off or just enjoying a lazy Sunday with no makeup and hair tied in a messy bun.

2. Gigantic bun

Giant bun, baby hair and freckles. Even today’s Kylie herself would not approve her of style in this picture.

1. Barefaced

Who remembers those angsty teenage days when we used to wear our favourite metal band’s T-shirts and wear black nail paint. We can surely remember Kylie’s in this photo.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is famous for their glamour. Kylie Jenner has been on a reality TV show since she was a child. She and her siblings have grown up under the constant scrutiny from media. We have seen their transformation from the pre-puberty days to successful makeup entrepreneurs and models. Since then we have never seen them look less than perfect in public or social media. Normal people often look up to the socialites, but we should never forget that they are too imperfect like us and we should give them room to be just that.

Article by Born Realist. 

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