These 15 Fascinating Puzzles Will Enlighten Your Mind

Puzzles are usually in the form of games or toys which are very difficult and are used to check a person’s mental level. Puzzles are often used to create problem and confusion for people. Puzzles also challenge a person’s mental capacity and this way they serve as a great mind activity for the people who play them. As it forces you to use your mind very fast and at the moment. As a popular quote goes: ”Life is a puzzle, you need all the small pieces yo see the bigger picture. This small piece may seem less important but it might actually be a small piece of Heaven.” Following puzzles will help you to enlighten your mind:

15. Guess The Word:

Like life is a puzzle, putting it together is a challenge. So, are these puzzles. Now here, for example, guess the first word which comes in your mind. And try to guess as soon as possible. This will increase your vocabulary as well.

14. Puzzle Puzzle:

Solve this puzzle instantly. It will help you increase your mental ability. This puzzle is not that difficult if given a little attention. So, use your capabilities to solve this confusion.

13. Days Of Week:

Solve this puzzle and you will know your mental level.

12. Pilot On The Plane:

If you think you are mentally intelligent, you should try your mentality by solving this puzzle.

11. Computer Simulation:

This puzzle will make you shake your head. If you think you are very intelligent. Dare yourself to solve this puzzle in 2 minutes.

10. Dark Room:

9. Solve This One:

8. Businessman:

Use your mind to solve the below given puzzle. Give yourself 1 minute to solve the puzzle. If you will solve it in the given time you can consider yourself intelligent.

7. Four Legs:

This is a very mind challenging puzzle, use your mind, your life experience or take help from your surrounding to solve this puzzle.

6. Two People:

Puzzles are made to confuse a person’s mind upside down. But they do make a man mentally strong. Solve the puzzle and give yourself a pat on the back.

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5. Hare In The Forest:

Solve the below given puzzle and if you will able to solve it, you have a genius hidden in you. And you should be proud of yourself.

4. A Hot Air Balloon:

This puzzle will make you use your mind to next level. So, try to solve it as soon as possible.

3. Two Cords:

Puzzles can make you scratch your head. Solve the puzzle as soon as possible to check your mind capability.

2. Animals:

Puzzles are often used to create problem and confusion for people. Puzzles also challenge a person’s mental activity. Solve the puzzle and be proud of yourself.

1. Find The Pikachu:

Try to find the hidden pikachu in the puzzle given below.


You must have heard the quote: ”Life is a big jig saw puzzle with a lot of pieces missing.” Same scene is with your life. Your task in life is to find and connect those missing pieces and then when you will search you will find your happiness from all around your surroundings. Some puzzles were given to deviate your mind from routine things. Here are the answers given for the puzzles. They are not that difficult if given a little attention. So, try to stimulate your mind and solve these puzzles. This activity will help you to become more intelligent.

15. For example: Population

14. 11

13. Thursday, Tuesday, Today, Tomorrow

12. Your own Surname

11. This puzzle after reading and understanding will give an insight to your own personal life.

10. The match.

9. 15.

8. 20 Dollars.

7. Any man, he walks on 4 legs in infancy, 2 when becomes an adult and with the help of a stick when gets old.

6. The more courteous one.

5.  The one which is more wet.

4. Hot air balloon is carried away with the help of air current which is moving in the same momentum as the air moving in surrounding. So, same like the weather, the flags will not move.

3. Light up one cord from both sides one by one. This way you are going to get 30 minutes. Simultaneously, light the second cord from the end. After the first cord has been burned, light up the second one from the other side too for 15 remaining minutes.

2. 14 is the correct answer of this puzzle.

1. Pikachu is on 5th number in the 3rd last row.

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