Here Are 14 Things You Didn’t Know About American Horror Story’s Female Cast

The television industry has grown in most unexpected and curious ways, getting weaved in our everyday thoughts. American Horror Story is one such curious show that has been making us feel, terrified, awed and disgusted in every single episode since last seven seasons. While the show has the most peculiar and eyes wide open kind of stories, we would like to focus more on the female cast behind this one of a kind series. The female members of American Horror Story have some crazy stories of their own which the fans should definitely know. Born Realist have compiled together some interesting facts and stories about your favorite female cast members.

14. At 25 Sarah Paulson Had Cancer:

American Horror Story was not Sarah Paulson’s first encounter with fear. The female lead to have appeared in every single season of the series had to battle cancer at the early age of 25. The nightmare started with a small mole on her back which then turned into melanoma. What could be more terrifying then knowing that you have cancer at the age of 25? It was caught on time and was cut off before being spread to any other part of the body.

13. Lily Rabe Was A Dancer First:

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Lily Rabe is one talented actress who knows how to portray extreme emotions. But you might not believe acting was never her first love. Lily Rabe is multi-talented person with more than 10 years of experience in the field of dancing. Her dancing career gave her a chance to start acting when she was asked to perform a monologue as ballet teacher. She debut on screen in 2001 and hasn’t stopped acting ever since.

12. Jessica Lange Is An Activist:

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Jessica Lange had the capability to perfectly perform her role as if the role was personally made for her. You can get an idea about her talent by seeing her two Academy Awards. Her awards might tell you about her acting career but you might know about her activist voice standing out against George W. Bush’s administration or being a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. She also use to foster for a disabled child in Romania.

11. Taissa Farmiga’s Grandparents Got To Know Each Other During WWII:

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Taissa Famiga is one of the youngest actress in American Horror Story, giving the most memorable performances every alternate season. The story of her grandparents is one that started from a horror story and ended in a happy one in real life. Her maternal grandparents met during World War ll in a displaced person camp of Germany.

10. Sarah Paulson Is A Humanitarian:

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Celebrities are often caught up in doing charities, while some might be doing it for show, most are genuinely concerned about the world and give charity out of care. Sarah Paulson is one, so invested in charity that she would participate in a charity to bring clean water to small Ethiopian country. Not only that but she is also a part of organizations like Heifer International and Planned Parenthood

9. Frances Conroy Toured With Theatrical Companies:

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Until late 70’s Frances Conroy was a part of many regional and touring theaters. Before that she used to be a part of theater production in her college and that is where she realized about her dream of acting. She had to struggle for years to prove her worth and show her talent to the world.

8. Kathy Bates Is The Talent:

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While many have to struggle to show their worth, Kathy Bated was so talented that she didn’t had to wait long to finish her journey to stardom. Just one year in New York landed her a breakout role as Bobo Bates in Taking Off in the year of 1971. Bates later went on to become the most aspiring and talented actress of her generation.

7. Lily Rabe’s Reaction To Meeting Stevie Nicks Is Worth A Watch:

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Being an actress is not an easy job. It’s really difficult to portray all the emotions that your character might be feeling. You don’t only have to convince yourself but the entire audience that those emotions are 100 percent real. There was a scene when she didn’t have to act. The scene where Misty Day meets Stevie Nick, Misty Nick passes out immediately. That was not an act because Lily Rabe is even a bigger fan of Misty and she had to control her emotions so she won’t over react in font of the camera.

6. Taissa Farmiga Was Not Into Acting:

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Sometime having a famous person as your family member act as a perk in your favor. Vera Farminga, the Golden Globe and Academy Award nominee convinced her younger sister to join the acting career because just as her older sister she had a talent of acting which shouldn’t be hidden.

5. Angela Bassett Is An Ambassador For UNICEF:

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Angela Bassett might have a Golden Globe Award and a nomination for Academy Award, but her charity and activist endeavors are bigger than acting ones. She is a UNICEF Ambassador in United Stated and constantly attends and donates to fundraisers and charitable events. She donates to Barack Obama presidential campaign. She is an activist for human rights and equality among gender and race.

4. It Took An Eternity To Shoot Paulson’s Scenes As Bette And Dot:

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As difficult it might have been for her acting as a pair of conjoined twins with different personalities as Bette and Dot. These characters production was nothing but a nightmare with hours of getting ready and make artist working their butts off for this. To create those characters they had to make a mold of Sarah’s head and create a prosthetic for both characters and it took up to 15 hours to shoot those scenes.

3. Jessica Lange Is Also A Photographer:

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As some actors are multi-talented they are usually linked together like acting and dancing. In case of Jessica Lange, she is a talented photographer with the gift of seeing the world with a beautiful perspective. Her talent is so high that she has had several exhibitions in multiple countries. In 2008, she published a set of black and white photographs with the name of ’50 Photographs’. She has also availed the chance of presenting in George Eastman House, the oldest international film and photography museum.

2. Kathy Bates’ Great-Great-Grandfather Was Quite The Doctor:

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While Kathy Bates is the best actress of her time, her great-great grandfather was the best doctor of his time. He was actually personal doctor of Andrew Jackson, the president. President passed away at the age of 78, which is naturally near the time of demise. So we can say Kathy Bates grandfather was a great doctor because he did help him fight many diseases throughout years.

1. Jessica Lange Have Depression:

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Money has nothing to do with happiness. You might think actors and actresses who earn millions of dollars might be really happy but that’s not real. Depression can hit anyone at any time. According to her, the success of American Horror Story and being single has helped her a lot in the fight against depression. She said she cherishes the moments when her granddaughters come to visit her and she reads to them.

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