13 Ways to Keep Your Sneakers As White As You Got Them

White sneakers is all the rage these days, and there isn’t a fashionista out there who isn’t obsessed with these! But one aspect of these trendy fashion stables that’s never discussed is how to keep them as white as they came. Because a single trip to the coffee shop can lead to the shoes getting muddy, dirty and ugly all at the same time. But the real question is, how do all those bloggers, models have sparkly clean sneakers every-time they go out? Well, the answer is that they buy new ones every few weeks. But that’s not what this article is about! We are going to teach you how to keep your shoes sparkly clean too, here are 13 tips we’ve complied from a host of places and have asked every able bodied person with good shoes, we hope they’ll help you get that blogger touch!

13. Use Baking Soda and Detergent:

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Mix baking soda and detergent together in a small bowl and then add a bit of water, make sure it’s Luke warm (Warm water will help you remove stains) and then simply take a toothbrush and start rubbing the paste you’ve made onto the shoes until the dirt comes off. Soon your white sneaker will be shiny and new again!

12. Toothpaste and toothbrush method:

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Toothpaste contains several ingredients that can really help you with those nasty stains you’re shoes have acquired over that walk to the farmers market. Just make a small paste using toothpaste and water and take an old toothbrush, like before concentrating on the stains and then rinse it afterward with luke warm water.

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11. Hair Conditioners:

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Bet you didn’t know hair conditioners could be used for cleaning your shoes! Well take a rough sponge (not too rough) and just take whatever conditioner you have on hand and use it to wipe the shes until they are clean, again remember to use luke warm water for rinsing the shoes in the end.

10. Hydrogen Peroxide and baking soda:

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Take a table spoon of water, add a table spoon of hydrogen peroxide and one table spoon of baking soda mix it together and the take a sponge or a toothbrush and then rub it on your shoes, making sure to get all the stains out, baking soda and hydrogen Peroxide are excellent disinfectants and because of they’ll make for good stain removers too! You’ll find your shoes bring new after a rinse!

9. Use nail polish to cover scratches:

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Ever had those shoes that just managed to get scratched on the edges, and they look really awful ruining the look completely, so we have a hack for you! Try using white nail polish to cover the marks, this’ll help make the worst of shoes look new after a through washing.

8. Never put white sneakers in the washing machine!:

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The washing machine destroys the fabric, and it ruins the shoes! Look i know using the drier sounds tempting, but it doesn’t take too long to (i mean we’ve taken the time to write down like ten methods, try those first) actually do the work yourself, this won’t just increase the shoes life, but it’ll be easier and a whole lot more satisfying believe us!

7. Clean white laces by rinsing them with warm water:

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Take a small bowl and add a bit of soft soap or shampoo in it along with warm water, mix it up and put in your dirty laces, after a bit of mixing rinse them with clean water again before putting them away to dry. You’ll find that your laces are as good as new! If your having troubles with stains try adding a bit of baking powder in the mix.

6. Stuff them with a paper towel for drying:

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After you’re done the entire procedure wrap up the sneakers in a paper towel and put them away, they’ll dry a whole lot quicker than you would have expected!

5. Use gentle shampoo on any oil stains:

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Have oil stains on your white sneaker, and wondering how they got there? Well, we can’t help you with that, but we can help you take them off! Use shampoo on oil stains gently using a brush to massage the cloth, soon you’ll see that the oil stains aren’t there anymore, after you’re done with the treatment wash the shoes with luke warm water gently.

4. Always store them indoors to avoid too much sun exposure:

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Leaving your shoes outside can lead to discoloration and will ultimately give a yellow tint to your shoes, it’s better to keep them stored in shady and dry places, you don’t want them to lose their perfect look now do you.

3. Yes, you can use bleach as long as it’s diluted and in a minute quantity:

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Bleach seems to be our go to problem solver whenever we have a stain emergency, and so right now we’re sure you’re probably itching to use bleach on your shoes too. WEll, bleach can technically help remove stains (don’t celebrate yet) as long as you follow the following steps.

  1. One part bleach and five parts water always (that’s how diluted the water should be)
  2. Use a toothbrush to gently clean the shoe, don’t through it in the mixture.
  3. Rinse with warm water when you are finished.

2. Lemon juice and baking soda, super cleaning mixture:

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Lemon juice is strongly acidic and an excellent companion to bring along on your cleaning journey (yes we had too), just take the lemon juice and baking soda in separate bowls, dilute them slightly if you want (you don’t have to though), take a toothbrush and dip it first in the lemon juice before dipping it in the baking soda, rub the mixture on the stain, you’ll see this formula can remove even the worst of those pesky stains.

1. Use a Mr. Clean wipe or a magic eraser:

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Have spots on your shoes that aren’t coming off at all, well try using a Mr. clean wipe on them or a magic eraser, if you don’t have these things on hand then just take a rag and dip it in vinegar to clean up the spots.

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