13 Pieces of Advice from Successful People That Will Change Your Life

Irrespective of race, gender, culture or nationality the one thing common among all individuals is the need for success. However, the definition of success is different for each person; for some it could be a stable relationship, developing a bond with your spouse or parent while for others it could be fame, wealth and good health. People might have different reasons for achieving success, for some it’s a security, while other just want to live a comfortable and financially stable life. We all have people to look up to, people we admire and people who inspire us to become successful and better humans. These people could either be a parent, a teacher, a friend or a famous personality. I strongly believe that if you want to become successful in life, all you have to do is follow in the footsteps of these inspiring people.

Following are 13 tips from world’s most successful people that will change your life:

Oprah Winfrey:


According to Oprah if you want success in life, you have to familiarize yourself with failure. Learn to accept defeat, and only then you can touch new heights. She believes in aiming for excellence in whatever you do and give your best in all situations.

“I don’t believe in failure. It is not failure if you have enjoyed the process.”- Oprah Winfrey

Being rejected for not having a television presence, Oprah did not give up on her dreams. Successful people strive for higher goals, they believe in the win-win situation. You either succeed or learn from your failure. There is no loss in her dictionary.

Mark Zuckerberg(Change your life):

change your life

We’re all familiar with the world’s most famous social networking site’s founder Mark Zuckerberg and his story of success. Drop out from world’s most prestigious university Harvard, Mark currently with a net worth of $37 billion was determinant to achieve success and never give up. If you’re looking for someone who can change your life then listen to him.

In a recent interview when he was asked one advice for being successful, all Mark had to say was; Don’t Give Up.

“At first you don’t succeed, change something and then try again.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Shah Rukh Khan:


Shahrukh Khan is one of the most inspiring people in Bollywood. Born and raised in a middle-class family, SRK never let his head hit the skies. One of the most humble and a courteous actor of his time, King Khan have a few words of success for his followers that he lives by:

“Stand by what you believe in. People who mind don’t matter and people who matter won’t mind.” – SRK

While addressing his fans in a recent interview, he suggested people believe in their dreams and stay loyal to them. The important people in your life will always support you and stand by you. He also explained why looking for shortcuts might be a long way out. The only way you can succeed is through patience and hard work. Success does not come overnight to anyone.

Michelle Obama:


I’m sure we all agree how we look up to Michelle Obama for inspiring women and standing up for girls’ education rights. Raising two beautiful daughters herself, Michelle wants to see young women succeeding and making their mark in all fields. In a recent interview when asked about her secret of success, Michelle shared,

“I believe if women want to be successful in life they need to know what they’re passionate about. No matter what you dream to achieve, you have to believe in it and believe in yourself. My aim is to encourage young women to be confident about them and work hard to achieve their goals. A few people in my life told me Princeton was out of my league, and going to Harvard will be impossible for me. I’m glad I did not listen to them and proved them all wrong.”

“Women are strong enough to achieve whatever they set their faith in. There is no limit to what you dream. We all should unite and empower each other in becoming a better person every day.”

Great lesson for change your life, right?

Bill Gates:


change your life

What’s better than receiving a few pieces of advice from the richest man in the world himself? Founder and owner of Microsoft, with a net worth of $76 billion, Bill Gates is one of the most successful men in the world. But success did not come easily to him. Just like every ordinary person, Gates had to go through a lot of struggles to become the person he is today. Bill started working with computers at the early age of 13. He suggests young people to start working on their dreams early in life.

“When you start early you get immune to people saying you can or you can’t. By the time you reach adulthood people start noticing your work, till that time you would have learned to ignore all the negativity around you.”

He also suggests engaging in partnerships. Even if you are the sidekick you will learn about entrepreneurship and it might open new doors of opportunities for you.

J.K Rowling:


Before becoming the author of world’s famous wizard book, Harry Potter, and selling approximately 450 million books around the globe, J.K.Rowling was a single mother living on state benefits and trying to make ends meet. She inspires people to think out of the box and never be too afraid to be creative and follow their dreams, she didn’t either. She released 7 books in the series and also published a few other novels under pseudonyms. She encourages young people to write and strive for success, her most encouraging words state:

“Do not quit out of fear or rejection”

Without effort your talent is useless. Polish your talent and make the most of it. You might fail once, but do not quit. Get back up and start again. Something good will always come out of it.

Jack Ma:


Self-made CEO and founder of Alibaba group, Jack Ma with a net worth of more than $20 billion did not let success cloud his vision. He is an inspiration for aspiring billionaires and new entrepreneurs.

He tells young people to, “Enjoy Life.”

“I always tell my employees to enjoy life. You are not here to work but to enjoy. We unite here to make things easier for each other and not to work.  If you spend your whole life working, you will eventually regret it. Life is to enjoy and help other people. If your ultimate goal is money, you might want to set new goals for yourself.”

Sachin Tendulkar:


Also known as India’s Cricket God, Sachin Tendulkar retired from cricket after 24 years. Sachin a.k.a Little Master is one of the most successful batsmen of his time. One rule that Sachin lives by and would advice all his followers to follow too, is to believe in the power of prayer. In an interview he spoke highly of his mother saying;

“I swear I don’t know how she tolerated me as a mischievous child. She started praying for me when I started playing cricket. All she did was pray and pray and I think it is because of her prayers and blessing, I am this person today.”

Evan Spiegel:


The CEO and Co-founder of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel became famous when the 100 million people were reportedly using the application and sharing pictures and videos. At the age of 26, Evan advice young people to pursue their dreams, irrespective of age.

“Age is just a number, you have a goal, and you pursue it. Set visions and believe in them. Nothing can come between you and your dreams, other than the explanations you give yourself.”

Evan entered Forbes 400 at the age of 25, declared as the world’s youngest billionaire.

Imran Khan (Change your life):


An aspiring politician, tenacious cricketer and a successful entrepreneur, Imran Khan with his charming and inspiring personality is a role model for many. From winning the first world cup for Pakistan to establishing the first Cancer Hospital in Lahore, Imran Khan is the most down to earth person, you’ll ever encounter.

He believes, “Success and Victory are not the same things in his eyes.”

“Success is the achievement of goals, whereas victory is the daring and doing the impossible. To stand out of the group you have to believe in your instincts stay alert at all times. It all depends on how well you utilize your abilities.”

Hilary Clinton:


Wife of President Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton served as the First Lady of the United States and U.S. Senator of New York from 2001 to 2009. Hilary inspired million of people with her fierce personality.

She suggests young people, “Be fearless and never back down. Do not be scared of anyone, and do not be afraid to speak your mind out. In order to survive in this world you have to be resilient, find your drive and be direct in all matters”.

Amitabh Bachchan:


Amitabh Bachchan is a great example of the quote; “Fortune favors the brave”. He shows us how fruitful struggle can be. If you work hard and stay true to your roots, everything will be according to your plan.

“Change is the nature of life. But challenge is the future of life. So challenge the changes. Never change the challenges.”- Amitabh Bachchan

Jackie Chan (Change your life):


Jackie Chan inspires us to believe that there are happy endings. He lived the example of rags to riches and is now a role model for his followers.

He believes practice makes you perfect, the more you practice the better you get at everything. He trained himself in martial arts and also learned to speak 7 different languages, considering the fact he never made it to school, due to poverty.

“Our best fight is the one we avoid.”- Jackie Chan


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