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12 Things You Need To Keep Reminding Yourself



We live in an extremely competitive and unforgiving world. Living in a society with high-pressure jobs and fast moving lives can leave you feeling blue and unhappy. So, in the spirit of making you feel better and motivated, we’ve decided to write down a few things that you need to keep reminding yourself.

What comes easy won’t last and what last’s won’t come easy:

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Nothing in life that is worth having will ever come easy and if something has come easily to you either it’s not worth having, or it isn’t going to last. Hard work should be the foundation you build your castle on, keep telling yourself that if you truly want to achieve greatness you’ll have to work for it, and if you can get success by other morally incorrect means, you should step away from that path and take the high road. Because in the end, hard work pays off.

Always be humble and kind:

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You deserve to be proud of your achievements but that doesn’t mean that you get to be stuck up. Help people who are struggling like you have struggled in life and always be humble and gracious, make sure your kindness and accepting nature should never be too posh that you forget your roots.

If you want to change the world, change yourself:

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If you want to bring change to the world, bring that change in yourself first. We can’t make the world we live in happier or healthier without implementing the same things on ourselves first. So remember, whenever you complain about something or accuse someone of having a bad or problematic habit, make sure you aren’t doing the same thing either.

A man who can’t change his mind can’t change anything:

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Be open to ideas and people, give them space and come to terms with the fact that as humans we can always be at fault, admit your mistakes and move on. Change your opinions when the time arises and be the first person in the room to stand up for what’s right.

The more silent you become, the more your words start to hold value:

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Talk when you have something nice to say and don’t lie or cheat anyone. A manipulator always gets caught and he ends up living a lonely and empty life. If you’re wondering why people don’t listen to you, it can be because you’ve told them too many lies and have made them feel bad.

Make peace with your past:

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Come to terms with your past mistakes and accept yourself as you are. We’re all sinners, no one goes through life on this earth without making mistakes, forgive yourself and move on so you don’t carry the baggage into your future.

Have Realistic expectation from the people around you:

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All of your loved ones are humans, and can’t expect them to be perfect. People are people and will always manage to let you down in one way or the other. So make sure you have realistic expectations from them.

Stay Individualistic:

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Your individualism is your greatest protection. It keeps you safe from getting hurt and always serves as a valuable ally when the time comes. You individualism teaches you to only rely on yourself, it also gives you a boost in your career, because you come off a well-rounded person who can very well take care of himself or herself.

The weight of the world is not yours to carry:

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You aren’t responsible for the problems of the world, so you need to stop feeling like you owe the people around you your life. And while being a responsible self-aware person is good and is beneficial to the society, stop pleasing

You don’t owe anyone an explanation:

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You don’t need to justify your actions or your decisions to anyone. Because honestly, even if you put away the fact that you have a completely individual life for a second, the society and people around you, in general, are never going to be happy with anything you do. Might as well do what you like.

You are not entitled to your opinion, you are entitled to an informed opinion:

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Don’t shout things at the top of your lungs and expect people to be okay with whatever you’re saying, prove your point with facts and make sure you’re polite and considerate when presenting them. There’s no need to be rude, no one likes an uninformed loud-mouth anyway.

Before you indulge in luxury, think of those who have nothing:

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Give charity and be gracious, always remember that there is someone who doesn’t have a place to sleep and doesn’t have anything to eat. Be thankful for the things you have because there is always someone who isn’t as lucky as you.

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