These 12 Simple Exercises Will Help You Attain Shocking Transformation

These days everyone is ranting about health and fitness while spending time and money on expensive gym memberships and equipment and those magic supplements. Well, this could be done the other way around and still maintaining the best results just by eating less and healthy and performing exercise right at your home. The people who keep themselves as their priority and focus on their goals to introduce healthy habits in their lifestyle without being dependent on outside sources are the people who achieve sustainable growth and happy lives. Here are few exercises that will help you tone your body, though it doesn’t guarantee that you will get in shape if you have put on a lot of weight but you definitely will feel good about yourself in just in a month.

12. Plank position:

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It is one of the most underrated exercises which work to give you a steel like core, strong shoulders and tight abs. It is only a one move exercise which is only static. All you have to do is hold a push up position on the floor without moving your waist and butt and hold it there as long as you can. There are various types like forearm plank, straight arm plank, plank with arm left leg, side plank, slide plank crunch, dolphin plank and resistance plank.

11. Doing push-ups:

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Push up is an ultimate exercise that uses your own body weight which in turn uses every muscle in your body to give you a firm body. Keep in notice to maintain a straight line with your legs, back and butt in order to achieve the right position for push-ups and go down and up in the same position, repeat it as long as you can. It protects your shoulder from injury. it saves your time and enhance your circulatory system.

10. Squatting:

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Doing two to three sets of 20 squats daily will help you burn fat, strengthen your whole core muscles and build your calves. Keep facing forward, and move your back while lowering it until your thighs and floor are parallel to each other and rise up again and repeat the process. It builds your muscles all over. It even burns your fat. They are functional and help to keep mobility in your body. It maintains balance. It prevents you from injuries and strengthens your core. Squats are practical and can done be in many ways. It will even increase your power. It will increase flexibility.

9. Push-up side plank:

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Get in low push-up position with hands under your chest and somewhat more extensive than bear width separated. Keeping your body straight and center tight, press up, broadening your arms without locking your elbows. Exchange your weight onto your left hand, lifting your correct arm toward the roof . Let down, and rehash on the inverse side; that is 1 rep. Do 12 repetitions.

8. Bird-dog position:

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Remember the plank position? It is quite similar to it! Lay on the floor on your hands and knees and extend your one leg and one opposite arm straightly. This position strengthens your lower back and abs. If you have the fixed hip or lower back muscles, you may discover this form, extremely hard to be performed. Be that as it may, this rendition can enhance the adaptability of the glutes and the lower back muscles, if done all the time.

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7. Plank with opposite limb extension:

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This is an aggregate body practice that spots additional accentuation on your center. Keep your spine straight and your abs drew in all through the development.

6. Lying hip raises:

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It is a perfect body weight exercise which makes your back, abs and thighs stronger. All you gotta do is squeeze your hip muscles and raise them towards ceiling while maintaining your back flat on floor with knees bent and heels flat on floor.

5. Plank with side snatch:

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Including a dumbbell development works your back, as well. Come to board position with body straight, feet more extensive than bear width, hands holding 8-to 10-lb dumbbells. Connect with center muscles; in a solitary development, curve at the midsection and lift dumbbell in left pass out to left and up overhead Return to board position; proceed for 60 seconds, at that point switch sides and repeat.

4. Reverse plank:

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Being slightly the opposite of the simple plank position, reverse plank requires you to sit on floor with legs extended and lift your hips and torso towards the ceiling. Best exercise to strengthen your core especially the muscles in your lower back. It helps in building your strength and flexibility. It is a pretty safe exercise. It can be a meditative exercise that can help you in keeping your mind calm and focused.

3. Superman position:

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It is a helpful exercise to make lower and upper back muscles strong. It may help alleviate back pain that is related to weak back muscles. All you have to so is keep you hand and arms straight and hold the position for 5 seconds and then return back to normal position.

2. Side Plank with twist:

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Lie on your lower arm specifically under shoulder, hand opposite to your body, and legs stacked. Connect with your abs and the correct side of your abdomen, lifting your hips so your body frames a straight line from make a beeline for feet. Broaden your left arm toward the sky, remaining connected with through your center. Presently scoop your left arm before your body and reach under the space between your chest and the ground, curving just from the midriff up. Return up; rehash 4 times, at that point bring down body to the ground. Rehash on the inverse side.

1. Single leg bridge:

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This is a marvel of exercise, which reduces our knee and back pain, improve your posture and strengthen your core. All you have to do is, lift your butt up, and keep your body in tight position and slowly move your body down and repeat the process.

If you make these exercises as part of your daily routine, you’ll be very surprised with the results. Your body will be stronger and tighter, you will feel healthy and better from inside and outside but do not forget to pair up the exercises with the healthy food. So, give it a try and see the results yourself.

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