12 Signs Which Show You Are Dating A Girl Not A Woman

”A girl jumps from one social circle to another, making friends that do not last. However, a woman values her deep friendships and nurtures that bond with time, great gratitude, energy and thoughtfulness.” Wise words from someone, which entirely compasses the crux of the topic.

Age is just a number, sure but some lessons in life are only learnt by aging. With the passage of time you not just grow chronologically but mental growth occurs too. However, the levels of mental growth achieved by many varies. This is what sets each person

A boy is attracted to girls and a man is attracted to women. This does not have anything to do with age. It’s more of a personality and the atmosphere in which you are brought up.

1. A Woman Does Not Play Games


2. A Woman Will Not Have A Checklist

A woman is rational enough to realize that every individual has different traits, has a different mindset with different belief system and the way he deals with his life. So one cannot be compared to another and one person cannot be expected to fall under the same category. Figuring out a person and accepting their individuality is a beauty in itself.

A girl’s checklist may have superficial qualities which she would give great importance to while choosing a guy, while woman understands that these bench marks are not what she needs to see in you. As these criterion is not important to her. A girl’s checklist may include things like sexy body, tall, dark and handsome, popular, rich and the-bad-boy. While a woman would seek things like kindness, independence, integrity and emotional availability

3. A Woman Will Never Cross Her Moral Values Or Boundaries To Make An Impression On Anyone

A woman may go out of the way to be there for you and make things work out or to show you what you mean to her but this should not be confused with her prioritizing you over her moral values.

4. A Girl Wants Attention, While a Woman Seeks Respect

5. A Woman Will Not Always Want Things ”HER” Way


6. A Woman Will Not Be Obsessing Over Social Media

And Making The Relationship Public While A Woman Would Know There’s A lot More To It

Girls are obsessed with social media, and know how to cultivate their presence online, even if it’s fake. Women know that social media is just a small part of their identity. A woman would understand that its not the most important part of their relationship.

7. A Woman Would Know Her Worth

8. A Girl Uses Her Physical Beauty As Her Currency And Basis Of Value

9. A Girl banks on a man to be her financial strategy

10. A girl cannot be bothered with anything domestic and is proud of the fact that she cannot cook or clean

11. Show Controlled Emotions

12. A Woman Will NEVER Try To Control You