12 Fact About Food Every One Should Know

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What comes to mind when we utter the word Food? Some people get excited, some get alert and conscious. Today most of the people have awareness of the food they eat. But most of the people are still unaware of some food facts that they need to know. Here are 12 important food facts that you need to know.

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12. The cultivation of GMO plants is allowed in most countries:

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Till today it has not been proved that the GMO crops are harmful to health. Because their mass cultivation is productive and meeting the present need they are not prohibited. In fact, they are playing a major role in meeting the world needs and takes the least time and produce more amount. The most cultivated GMO crops are cotton, canola, and sugar.

11. Genuine balsamic vinegar is cheaper now:

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Now you can buy balsamic vinegar at a cost of few buck because they are more readily available. Earlier they were way too expensive because they were slowly fermented which took several years (3 at least ). Now you can use it on your cuisine anytime and anywhere. It enhances the flavor and makes your dishes complimentary.

10. Fortune cookies are not made in China:

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One of the sweetest myth is that the fortune cookies are the product of Chinese. But this is untrue. In fact, they were originated and made by Japanese Americans and served in restaurants in the United States. So for the next time if one claims that it is the product of China then correct them for their misunderstanding.

9. Genuine Wasabi:

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The original wasabi is only found in Japan because it is a Japanese plant. It is often called Japanese horseradish. Nutritional value of wasabi is tremendous. It contains potassium, fiber, vitamins, and zinc. The problem is that they are cultivated under certain conditions and temperature of 10 degrees to 17-degree Celsius. To cultivate it outside they imitated wasabi and produce it on a greater scale outside Japan.

8. Use of Insects in the food:

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Most of us don’t aware of the fact that the candies like gummy balls and jellies contain carmine. Carmine is induced by the acid known as carmine acid. The carmine acid is originated from insects like cochineal scale.

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7. Ketchup is unreal:

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Now you can have red thick concentrated ingredient for your chips and dips but it is not ketchup. Now ketchup can be prepared without tomatoes. It is prepared by cheaper products that include thickeners, colors, and additives. So make sure that you are buying real ketchup instead of purchasing ketchup-like substance. You can also prepare ketchup at your home. It is healthier and tastier because of the fresh farm tomatoes.

6. Reason for holes in crackers:

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Holes are made for the sole purpose of baking this yummy treat properly. Otherwise, it will remain thin and extra crispy. The fun part is that holes in cracker put manually it was first baked in the USA. This was the very first attempt of baking this wholesome treat. At that time holes were 13  according to a number of states that were formed that time in the USA.

5. Canola and rapeseed oil are the same:

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Both oils that are canola and rapeseed oil are the same products. But canola oil is reduced form of erucic acid that is two percent in reduction. But this minute amount has adverse effects on health. It is highly toxic to the heart. Most of the canola oil is genetically modified and it causes kidney and liver diseases. So avoid taking it.

4. Calorie count can be inaccurate:

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The calorie count on your oat bar or snack pack can tell you a wrong number of calories. And the method used by these manufacturers for calculating calories is obsolete. The calorie count should be written according to personal need of the individual according to their weight and food group.

3. Some fruits can disappear forever:

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Some fruits are about to extinct due to various factors. The factor includes weather conditions, resources like water and heat and many other. Some of the fruit crops are not meeting their growth requirements. So it is to be noted that the current situation is alarming. The fruits which are on the verge of extinction are honey, chocolate, avocados, bananas, and apple. But here’s the real question, is honey vegan?

2. Chew food waxes and automobile waxes are same:

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Chewy  product additionally contains carnauba wax. This wax originates from the leaves of palm trees. This same wax is additionally utilized for vehicle waxes, furniture waxes and is even utilized as a part of the magnificence business

1. Broiler chickens have become much bigger:

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Chickens have turned out to be substantially greater, particularly their chest and legs. Some say that additional hormones and steroids are in charge of these progressions.

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