Here Are 11 Types of Toxic People Poisoning Your Life

The kind of people you surround yourself with will affect the way of your life. People have a tendency to transfer some of their aura to you and if you surround yourself with people who exude positive energy you will feel positive and happy too and if you surround yourself with negative people, some of their negativity will rub off on you. Sometimes people are toxic in very subtle ways that if we do not pay close attention to their behavior we never realize. Here is a list of those people who can make your life miserable and poison your thoughts:

11. The Critics:

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“Wow! Nice dress. It’s a pity I can’t wear one like this. It only looks good on short people.” Have you ever been ‘complimented’ like this? If yes, then you know what we are talking about. This kind of people tend to suffer from low esteem and have an inferiority complex at times, so to make themselves feel better about their own self they put down others by their sarcastic or hurtful remarks. They will try to make you feel bad about yourself in a seemingly discreet manner so, it becomes hard to call them out for it as you think they were just trying to be nice. The best way to face these people is to let them know that their remarks have no effect on you whatsoever by exuding confidence and staying polite. Try not to take their words personally as they do not have a grain of truth to them and they just said it to make you doubt yourself.

10. The Victims:

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If you show people your soft side, there always will be people who will try to take advantage of you. If you know somebody who when things are going well for them never seem to stay in touch with you. They are never too enthusiastic about the things you need help with. They never come to visit or say yes to the plans you make but the second things go bad for them they come running to you. Whether it is they need money for rent or their partner left them, they will always come to you with a story of how life is being so shitty to them. They would play the victim card so you ultimately feel bad for them and forget their past behavior. The truth is this kind of people are great at manipulating people into helping them when they need it but never step up to do the same for them. You should invest your time and effort into people who are actually loyal to you and reciprocate your love and friendship.

9. The Alarmists:

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They themselves are a nervous wreck and they drag you down with them. They are pessimistic about things and will be the first to list all the things that can potentially go wrong with a plan. If you tell them about a vacation you are planning or the fact that you are changing jobs, they will ask you a trillion questions about hypothetical situations where things go wrong. This can really make you start second guessing things for absolutely no valid reason and add on the anxiety you might already be feeling regarding that decision. It is best to avoid telling your plans to such people, you would save yourself a lot of unsolicited worries.

8. The Hypocrites:

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Here’s a golden rule: if someone talks behind someone’s back to you they will talk about you behind your back to someone else too. This kind of people are really sweet to your face and would often tell you some story about someone you know in order to gain your trust or to tell you they are on your side. Whereas the truth of the situation is they only say nice things to you so let down your guard and share personal stuff with them. They may seem empathetic to you but the second you leave they will not hesitate to laugh at you or tell other people the things you told them in confidence. So watch out for anyone trying to be too friendly with you or badmouthing anyone for no reason.

7. The Selfish Ones:

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These people only know how to take without ever giving back. They will not hesitate to ask you favors when they need something but if you ask them to do something for you they seldom say yes. You should be aware of such people around you and not them manipulate you. Instead, you should spend your resources on people who would be there for you too.

6. The Shadows From The Past:

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You are not the same person you were a year or six months ago. You meet many people in your life which stay with you only briefly. They represent a side of you that you grew out of. You should not be reluctant to let go of these relationships so new good things can replace them. People change, priorities change. You should accept it and move on.

5. The Babblers:

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These people only talk and don’t do any actions. They will make grand promises and engagements but never quite fulfill them. This kind of people think nothing of their verbal commitments and you should not trust their word. They are unreliable and seldom follow through their plans.

4. The ‘Take It Or Leave It’ People:

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These people avoid taking responsibility for their actions by saying that’s just how they are and you should accept them as it is, making you feel guilty about pointing out their mistakes to them. No one is perfect, we get it. But you should always be at least willing to change the not so good things about yourself and if you lash out or have an angry outburst, apologize, take responsibility for it and promise to change. If someone does not own up to their actions and expects to you overlook their flaws instead, you should stay away from that person.

3. The Touchy Ones:

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These people bring up every event where you have messed up even if they happened a long time ago. They will make you feel guilty about something that happened ages ago and you already apologized for it. Forgive and forget is a virtue lost on them and you should stay away from such negative people.

2. The Envies:

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They’re the complainers. They will look at anyone being happy and will surely remind them about their own unhappiness. Instead of being happy for them, they’ll use that opportunity to tell you how much worse things are for them.

1. The Cheaters:

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Once a cheater, always a cheater. We are not saying you should not give people second chances but if someone cheated on you, knowing very well it would hurt your feelings then it should be a deal breaker for you too. If you feel like it was an honest mistake and they did earnestly apologize and asked for your forgiveness then by all chance give them the benefit of the doubt. But if you feel like they will not stay loyal to you should let them go.

They are good people in the world if you refuse to settle for less you will find them.

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