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Here Are 11 Toxic Beliefs To Release Right Now



Joseph Prince said: “What you believe is very powerful. If you have toxic emotions of fear, guilt, and depression, it is because you have wrong thinking and you have wrong thinking because of wrong believing.” Whatever you think and believe as a person makes you who you are eventually. Positive thinking and a positive mindset lead to better things always and negative mindset always takes away every positive thing present in life. As the famous quote says: “A negative thought is not you” and another common phrase says: “Negative thoughts are tabloid material for the mind.” These quotations should always be there in the mind of every individual. There is no doubt that a negative experience is always heartbreaking and unpleasant but it only affects you up to the limit where you allow it to. Your brain is a very fascinatingly complex organ. You store millions of information from different aspects of life every day without giving it any importance. And when you store negative information inside your mind daily it subconsciously becomes a part of your memory and your beliefs. If you possess the following toxic beliefs, you should get rid of them right now:

11. I Am Not Good Enough:

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Considering yourself as I am not good enough is the number one reason for toxic beliefs. Instead of thinking that you should think who said I am not good enough? At what things am I not good enough? Why do people feel I am not good enough? This toxic belief is the biggest hurdle in the path of you becoming successful. When you limit yourself by labeling yourself as you will not be able to do that or attain that thing then you certainly cannot. Stop thinking that you are not good at anything and start making things turn out good for you.

10. I Have No Purpose:

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Do you just think and feel whether you have got a purpose in life or not? If yes, then how will you attain that? How are you going to overcome all the hurdles and hardships coming your way? And if you feel you do not have any purpose in life then that is the matter of taking tension. Because without some purpose life has got no meaning. There will be nothing you will be looking forward to. But that should not put your morale more down as you have been sent on this universe for some purpose and it will be unrevealed to you sooner or later.

9. I Can’t Be Fulfilled Until I Achieve:

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It is a very natural thing to desire about getting more and more. And even after getting a lot still thinking and dreaming about achieving more. Such thoughts become more toxic when the thing which you want to get becomes your obsession. A lot of people are not able to see anything beyond that in their life. All they can think about in their life is that dream and eventually, it becomes a part of their soul also. Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly said: “Life is a journey, not a destination.” Always live your life as if it is a journey and journey will have its ups and downs. It is not compulsory that you will get everything so learn to let go of things.

8. Hard Life:

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Life does become difficult to handle a lot of times for everyone. Nothing in this world is too difficult which you cannot achieve. It all depends on your mindset. If you will keep on thinking that your life is hard then you will never be able to get better at things and in life. The things which bring stress and tension in life are work, family and most importantly time. These things drain out all the positivity out of your life. The easiest solution to deal with all these hardships is to be present. Just start dealing with just one thing at a moment with all your focus and then move forward when it will be done. This way life won’t seem that difficult.

7. Must Be In A Relationship:

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Human beings are born as social creatures. And because of that, it is extremely normal to desire to have someone with whom you can share your life. But the very well know fact remains constant also: “Nobody and nothing can make you happy except you.” True happiness only and always comes from your inside. When someone makes you happy and completes your life, is important in life but thinking you cannot be happy without someone is equal to allowing yourself to become dependent on the other person completely. And dependency never does any good to anyone. So, get rid of that feeling as soon as possible.

6. I Am Too Old:

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As the famous quote says: “It’s never too late to pursue anything unless you accept this fable as truth.” You can achieve absolutely each and everything at any point in your life. The only limits which you put on yourself keep you away from pursuing your dreams. Age can never be a factor to keep you away from achieving your goals. Stop feeling that a particular age is required to do a certain thing because that is completely untrue.

5. I Cannot Trust Anybody:

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This belief is very toxic and it comes to your mind as a result of being hurt very deeply by a person whom you trusted fully. After such an unpleasant experience it does take time to start everything over again and start trusting people. But you should stay strong and never allow anyone to put you down. Whenever a person betrays your trust, just let go of it. The only thing that experience should give you is a life-changing experience. Look around, there are so many people who are ready to take your trust and want to build a true relationship with you.

4. I Don’t Need The Help Of Anyone:

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When you start living in a society which has so many individuals. People here start associating asking for help as a thing of shame and weakness. If you are honest with yourself, you can and you should admit that you will need the help of a person, if not today then tomorrow. Always remember there are many fewer chances of getting progress if you are alone. And there is nothing wrong with asking for help from others but never make it a habit.

3. Blaming Others:

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Problems are an integral part of life but when a thing goes wrong and you start blaming others for it then that is a very wrong thing to do. Start accepting your own mistakes.

2. Vulnerability Is Worth Avoiding:

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When you start avoiding vulnerability it means you are avoiding life itself and that is not a way to live. Nothing in life is ever guaranteed. Everything you get in life has the ability to get to lose. But all you need to do is to stay strong and wise throughout your life.

1. I Am Different:

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Considering yourself weird is a very outdated thing to do. The different people are the ones who actually end up doing a lot in life. So, stop thinking you are a weird creature and start acknowledging all your odds.

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